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Spring Chick Challenge-The Results

It’s the final day of the Spring Chick Challenge!!!!

When I started the Spring Chick Challenge in January, this was me.

And this is me at the end of this challenge…fixing dog treats a few days ago.  Because I realize I never take pictures of myself (other than my progress pictures) and this is one my husband took of me on his iphone.  He took it to prove to me that I looked “skinny.” 
Hey, I’ll take it!
Although for the record, I am not trying to get “skinny.”  I am trying to get HEALTHY.

Yes, I could have taken a picture today, but that would mean either A) taking a gross sweaty picture post workout or B) getting out of my comfy clothes and doing my makeup and hair post shower.

And I don’t wanna.
I’m cozy!

  Moral of the story here- I need to get over the “I don’t need to look perfect” for the camera thing.  I realize I have a TON of pictures of Eli and Daddy, but very few pictures of Eli and Mommy.  That is because Mommy never feels picture worthy.  I really gotta work on that. 


The Spring Chick Challenge started on January 2 and ended today, March 19. 
 And here’s the scoop.

Beginning weight on Jan 2- 133 lbs

Today’s weight- 127.6 lbs 

Loss of: 5.4 lbs


Right arm- 11- (loss of 1/4″)

Left arm- 11 (no change)

Chest- 36″ (loss of 2 1/2″)

Waist- 35 1/2″ (loss of 1/2″)

hips- 35″ (loss of 1″)

Right upper thigh: 20″ (loss of 1″)      Left upper thigh: 19 1/2″ (loss of 1 1/2″)

Right lower thigh:  16 1/2″ (loss of 3/4″)      Left lower thigh: 16 1/2″ (loss of 3/4″)

Total inches lost- 8.25″

 I lost 5.4 lbs and 8.25″!!! 

YEEEEESSS!! It doesn’t seem like alot but it really has made a drastic difference.  I can see such a difference in my body’s shape.  My legs are so much more tone.  I have muscles! My pants don’t fit.  My boobs are smaller (well, considering what they were) and I so need new bras.  I seriously have gone from a size 36 bra to a size 30!!  I have no clothes that fit me…at all.  The stuff I bought a couple months ago doesn’t fit!  I am doing a closet cleanout AKA de-fatting my closet this week and you can bet there will be a blogpost about it!

My main goal for the Spring Chick Challenge was to log 122 workouts between January 2-March 19.  That meant 12 workouts a week, requiring on average 1.5 to 2 hours of workout time 6 days a week.  I admit there were some makeup days in there, when the schedule got crazy and I couldn’t commit to that time every day.  But I was determined to do it and I did have makeup days and I am so proud to say:

I completed 122 workouts!!!

Work it Snoopy! Work it!

Because I am a sucker for challenges, (and highly motivated by them!), I will be joining the Ready For Summer Challenge and will be blogging weekly about my progress.
We would love to have you join us! 

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