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Trusting your Savior with a Troubled Heart"

{Made 2 Crave} But exercise makes me want to cry!

I want to lift up to the Lord my willingness to dedicate my exercise as a gift to Him and myself.  This one act un-divides my heart and reminds me of the deeper purposes for moving my  body. 
-Lysa TerKeurst

There was a time that exercising made me want to cry.  I absolutely dreaded it, but knew I had to do it if I wanted to lose that postpartum baby weight.  I hated working out.  I really did.  That was when my mind was in total loathing meltdown mode.  Once I rose out of that fog, and realized that my battle was not only physical, but spiritual as well, I began to enjoy working out.  As I transitioned my thinking from “oh I hate this!” to “Glory to God that He gave me a body capable of working out!  Glory to God that He has blessed me with this body!”, my life began to change.  I lifted out of my little fog of sadness.  I began to enjoy working out and I feel confident in my ability to lead a healthy lifestyle!

I can’t live with divided loyalties.  I can either be loyal to honoring the Lord, my husband, and my body, or be loyal to my cravings, desires, and excuses for not exercising. -Lysa

Where is your heart in your workout?  Where does your loyalty lie?  Are you working out to honor the Lord?  Or are you like I was 1 year ago- working out because you think that if your body reaches that perfect set of standards you have created for yourself then maybe you can love yourself again?

Find where your loyalties lie.  Un-divide your heart.  After all, we are living healthy for Him.


Would you mind praying for my family?  This is my Grandma Honey and Grandpa.  They are such precious and sweet grandparents.  My Grandpa went into the hospital on Tuesday night due to fever and shaking, which can be critical symptoms for a diabetic on hemodialysis.  Bloodwork showed that he has a severely low white blood cell count (no immune system) and we are unsure why.  They did a bone biopsy this morning and we are awaiting results, and just praying it’s not leukemia.  Please, if you could, would you lift them up and pray for peace and God’s comfort through this time?  Thank you so much!

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