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{Monday Runday} Jinxed!

Remember in last week’s Monday Runday how I said “this week I begin running 3 times a week, no matter what!”

Ya, I jinxed myself.

I ran once.


I was planning to run on Tuesday evening and my grandfather ended up in the hospital and I spent most of the evening in the ER.  Some of the tests have come back and we will find out results later today.  Please pray for him! On Thursday, Taryn and I went trail running.  It was her first time trail running and it was sooo much fun.  I’d hear some rocks slip and I’d yell back to her “Almost die?” She’d reply with “yep!” And we kept going.  It was so much fun! I just cannot get enough of trail running! Unfortunately, I didn’t do my long run on Saturday because it was thunderstorming.  I totally love running in the rain, but something about lightening and downpours doesn’t appeal to me.

My friend Tyler, who is also my personal running trainer now, has given me a schedule to follow (which I had to tweak slightly).  I will be combining interval training on one run day and a 3-4 mile run on my other run day in which I will try to improve my time.

My Saturday mornings shall look like this until race day.

8/11- 5 miles
8/17- 4 miles
8/25- 6 miles
9/1- 6 miles
9/8- 7 miles
9/15- Hale on Wheels bike ride/10k- not sure which one I am going to do yet.
9/22- 8 miles
9/29- 10 miles
10/6- 7 miles
10/13- 12 miles
10/20- 10 miles
10/27- 8 miles
11/3- 10 miles
11/10- Race day! My first half marathon!

Once I get back to Texas, I will incorporate strength training as my cross training.

In other news, I bought new shoes because running was starting to tear up my feet.  Sorry if you are not a feet person.  I’m not exactly proud of how they look right now.

Gross, right?  

New shoes!! Asics!

I went to Fleet Feet, a running store here in St Louis.  I showed them my old shoes, which I purchased from them about a year go.  I was quite impressed with the young man who helped me.  There is so much science to shoes!  It’s incredible.  He showed me exactly where I had worn the cushioning down from my running, which was resulting in the nasty blisters. He watched me run in a couple different pairs of shoes, analyzing the way I land, how my knees and ankles move etc.  I hadn’t planned on getting a new pair of shoes, but turns out that it was really pretty necessary for my poor feet.  So I ended up with these bright blue babies.   Thankfully, my superfeet inserts still have some mileage left in ’em.

So, let’s hope that this week’s running is a bit better than last weeks.  And let’s hope I can actually get out there and run!!

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