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{Made 2 Crave} I could never give up that!!

Self control is hard.  We don’t like to deny ourselves.  We don’t think that its necessary.  We make excuses and declare, “That’s nice for someone else, but I could never give up _______!” (fill in the blank: soda, sugar, cupcakes, smoking…)  -Lysa TerKeurst

Last June, I gave up *drum roll please* ….fast food.  I have gone without McDonalds, Taco Bell, Chicken Express or Sonic (or any other restaurant of that nature) for 13 months as of today!!!  Was giving it up hard? Heck yes.  Did I crave it at times? Yes.  Do I crave it anymore?  No.  I don’t even want it.  Do you know how awesome that feels?  In fact, I was over at my Grandparents last week and they were eating McD for breakfast.  Grandma offered me some McDonalds pancakes.  I expressed my gratitude, but that I just couldn’t do it.  I’ve come so far without it now, that I don’t want to a) ruin my track record and b) I just don’t want it!  I have zero desire for fast food!

I have always loved McDonalds Mcchickens, chicken nuggets and their breakfast burritos (umm, gross?)  I love pretty much anything from Taco Bell, and don’t get me started on the chicken strips from Chicken Express.  Then I watched Supersize Me.  And as a medical professional, I couldn’t believe what I watched.  If you haven’t seen that documentary, watch it.  You too may never eat fast food again.  Fast food is certainly convenient but what it does to your health is not convenient.  Gross.Me.Out.

Self control is hard.  We want what we want when we want it.  And when it comes to making any sort of sacrifice, we rely only on ourselves and let’s face it, ourselves is not very reliable at times. But with a little reliance on our God Most High, we can let go of the excuses and give up whatever it is we put in that fill-in-the-blank.

Jesus looked at them and said, 
“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Matthew 19:26
We see that verse and we feel weak because “with man, this is impossible.”
But what if we try to change the way we are thinking?  What if we try to think like this:  
“With man, it is impossible to deny yourself.  With man, it is impossible to make sacrifices.
  With man, it is impossible to have self-control.
  But with God, all sacrificial things are possible.  With God, all self-control is possible.” -Lysa
Are you willing to shift gears in your way of thinking and feel empowered?  
With God all things are possible and God is with us!  Therefore, we CAN practice self control with His divine assistance!

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  1. Congratulations on giving up fast food Stephanie! I gave it up, along with sodas and convenience foods, in the hopes of lessening my fibromyalgia symptoms – and it works! I'm now working on bringing a lot of other dietary and lifestyle changes into my life.

  2. I am trying to give up most fast food. Like you said, once you go without it, you won't crave it! My kids love chicken nuggets, so we still go on occasion, but now, I swap the cheeseburger I used to get for a Southwest Salad. The thought of their cheeseburgers is so unappetizing now that I have fallen in love with their salad! Now fries, that is a hard one to give up.

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