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{The Krafty Korner} Holding Hands

Once upon a time, I started a craft blog in addition to this blog.  I soon realized that one blog was enough to keep up with!  I stopped posting on said craft blog, but I haven’t stopped crafting.  And I’m just so proud of some of my creations that I just have to show them off!  So don’t be surprised when this “healthy living” blog occasionally goes all crafty on you in what I like to call “The Krafty Korner.”  Besides, crafting is my creative outlet and that creative outlet keeps me “emotionally healthy” so it kind of ties in, right?  Right?
This is something I made for my dad for Father’s Day, but this could be made for any Grandpa/Grandad/Papa/Pepaw for any occasion.  I simply painted my own dad’s hand with acrylic paint and placed his hand on a piece of cardstock.  After it had dried, I did the same with my 18 month old little guy who has done so many handprint creations that he knew exactly what to do.  Then I finished it off with some fancy grandpa embellishments.  It cost a total of $18 for the whole project at Hobby Lobby (when their frames were 50% off, of course!)  I am particularly proud of the “papa” embellishment because my dad wanted to be called “grandpa” but “papa” (pronounced paw paw) came out of Eli’s lips.  Now my dad can’t stop referring to himself as Papa…”come to papa!” “He wants Papa!” And Eli can’t stop saying it.  I was super excited to use that papa embellishment. 😉
I think this little piece of artwork is so special because E’s hands will someday be the same size as Papa’s if not bigger.  What a precious memory to hold on to that once upon a time, he was just a little guy holding his Papa’s hands…crap, I think I may start crying thinking about E growing up…time to end this post.
 *sniff sniff*

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