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Do you speak to yourself as though God is standing beside you?

Do you speak to yourself as though God is standing beside you? What does your self talk look like?

I’m a worrier.  I always tend to get stuck on something that hasn’t even happened yet.  The root of the problem?  I forget God’s in control.  Or I ignore that fact…ahem.

Do you speak to yourself as though God is standing beside you? What does your self talk look like?

When you worry, you invite fear into your life.  This fear can consume you.  Do you ever catch yourself asking “What if?”  What ifs lead to a mind that is focused on earthly things.  Jesus tells us to focus on the what is.

The what is are found in God’s truths:

  • God has a plan.
  • God will provide.
  • God will lead me.
  • God will take my anxieties and fears.

Worry filled meditation never leads to liberty.  It turns your thought closet into a prison filled with life-choking weeds.   Jennifer Rothschild

When you meditate on the what is, you meditate on things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely and praise worthy.  How many thoughts in your closet reflect those truths?

The standard for our words and meditation is not merely what is acceptable to us; rather, it is what is acceptable to God.  In our own sight, our self talk and meditation may appear fine, but imagine God listening to you talk to yourself. –Jennifer Rothschild

Oh that quote tugs at my heart.  When I think about God listening to the words I use to talk to myself, I feel a sadness creep over me.  I know I wouldn’t want to hear my own children saying those things to themselves.  How much does it hurt our God when we discredit His creation?

I challenge you to speak to yourself as though God is standing beside you.  What is your soul focused on right now?

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Turn your worry into prayer.

Give your anxious thoughts over to Him.

Focus on His truths.

Dear Lord

Please help me to focus on what is.  The what ifs that fill my mind right now are _____.  I ask that you will help me to give those worries and fears over to you.  Fill my mind with your truths.  I want to focus on you.  I know you will provide for my needs and that you have a plan for me.  Please give me comfort and peace and fill my thought closet with your holy presence.



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  1. I love this Stephanie. I was just teaching my teens about Phil 4:6-8. I use it to structure my prayers all the time. It helps me focus first on all my worries- pour them out to God, then THANK HIM for the ‘what is’ and His Peace will come… focus on praising all of the blessings He gives you to end the prayer.

    I always think about how disappointed God must be to have us come to him defeated and discouraged not trusting His Way for us. But I’m glad for His Grace, and His Love despite our unbelief- <3
    Chris Carter recently posted…The Power of MemoriesMy Profile

  2. I needed to heat this today! April is going to be a doozy of a month for me with my time being split between my family and my extended family. I have been guilty of thinking of the what ifs and you reminded me to think about these things with God as my focus. Thank you! And, thank you for liking up with Waiting on…Wednesday @ While I’m Waiting! Have a wonderful weekend!
    Holly recently posted…10th birthdays are SEW much fun!!!My Profile

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