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Menu Plan Monday

Menu planning has been going slightly almost according to plan.  Last week, we managed to eat 3 out of 5 of the planned meals.  That’s definitely a start for us.  2 nights out of the week, Dr. Hubs got home so late that we had to eat separately, and I just don’t like to cook big meals for just me.  Because he generally gets home pretty late, and close to E’s bedtime, (dang phd, can’t wait for that to be finished!), I often feed Eli first, then get him ready for bed, then cook dinner while E has some time with daddy before he goes to bed.  I look forward to the day when the Dr is done with the phd and has a more predictable schedule, and when E can eat everything we eat (come on molars! Rear your pearly white heads already!).

This week is a little wonky as well. Tonight, thanks to our sweet friend Emilee, the Dr and I are going to a movie!  After you have a kid, going to the movies is a rare treat! So I will be fixing up a pasta dish that doesn’t take very long to put together.  On Tuesday, the Dr has a business meeting late in the evening and has to be at work super early the next morning.  Since we live nearly an hour from his work, he will be staying with some buddies that night, so E and I will be enjoying some grilled cheese. Yum!  And lastly, on Friday, thanks to our wonderful children’s ministry at church, we will be enjoying Parents Night Out and heading to Lubbock for date night!

Monday: Shrimp Vodka Pasta
Tuesday: Grilled cheese (quick, easy meal since daddy will be out of town for a business meeting)
Wednesday: Turkey pattys
Thursday: 50s Primetime Meatloaf
Friday: Parent’s Night Out!! Dinner date out with the hubs!

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