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The Anti-Mommy Brain Study Group: Green Tea

When I was in college, I studied, and studied, and studied and would rewrite my notes or type them out because the repetition of writing it out really helped me remember.  I’ve been doing some thinking and y’all are about to be a part of a study group.  Aren’t you so excited?  I often come across articles online or in magazines that are health related and I read them, and then later, I will try to recall it, but Mommy brain will get the best of me.  So I would like to introduce you to a new kind of post that I will try to feature once a week:
I seriously love my Digital scrapbooking software. I think this is pretty darn cute 😉

So this week, I read an article about Green Tea.  I have just started in the past few months to try and drink more tea than coffee.  Mommy needs loves her coffee, but tea has so many health benefits!  It is full of antioxidants.  What I didn’t know about green tea is that it can actually help you burn more fat.  Green tea is one of the least processed teas you can get, and because of that, it preserves its high levels of natural antioxidants called polyphenols.  One of the polyphenols in particular, called epigallocatechin gallate, aka EGCG (geez, really? Couldn’t we name it something simpler?), has been shown in studies to help people burn more energy and thus more body fat, especially when taken in capsule form.  The reasoning is that the EGCG is more bio-available (more easily absorbed by the body).  It is suggested that 500-1,000 milligrams of green tea extract in capsule form 3 times a day is extremely beneficial.  Now you can’t just drink green tea, or take a caspsule, and expect for the weight to melt off without eating a proper diet and without exercise.  You still gotta do the work, but its definitely an added benefit of drinking a warm, yummy cup of tea!

Source: Sams Club Magazine May/June 2012 issue (Yes, I got it out of the Sam’s club magazine lol but its good information)

Note:  The information provided in this blog is for general and/or educational purposes and is not intended to replace consultation with a qualified health care professional.

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