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{Monday..err Tuesday Runday} 8 miler

While my 7 miler a couple weeks ago may have been an epic fail,  my 8 miler was an epic SUCCESS!!  And I am so thankful for that because I was beginning to doubt that I could pull off this 1/2 marathon thing.  
I had to move my long runs to Friday morning for the month of October because our weekends are jam packed with all kinds of fun activities. This past weekend consisted of a craft show in Lubbock, a birthday party and a family visit.  This coming weekend, a marriage seminar called Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage– sooooo super excited about this! My husband and I enjoy a massive amount of humor in our marriage.  We love to tease each other and act stupid together.  So this is right up our alley!  The following weekend we are going to a Fun Farm Pumpkin patch with church.  Busy busy!
So anyway, I ran 8 miles last Friday and it was awesome.  I started around 8 am.  The wind was blowing at about 5-6 mph, and it was a nice cool 45 degrees!   That’s way better than running into 15-20 mph winds, uphill, in the scorching sun at 85 degrees!  I have to say I like winter running about 10 million times more than summer running. 😉

We live in a small college town, in the middle of nowhere.  So I hit the outer road that runs along the interstate (please note, I was not running anywhere near the actual interstate!)  I ran 4 miles out and turned around and ran those 4 miles back in.  I thought that would be boring, but I actually rather enjoyed it!

Running along fields the entire time 

Thankfully I hit 4 miles before I had to get any closer to this building.  That is Cargill, a meat packing plant.  Cows go in, hamburgers come out.  And let me just tell you, breathing in dead cow smell while running is not pleasant.


Upon turning around, I tried to see my house.  Don’t see it?  Me either…

Ya, I still don’t see it…

When I did get home, this is what I found waiting for me. Mr. Crazy Hair thought it might be a good idea for him to go out and hit the pavement too, with backwards shoes.  Let me know how that works for you, Mr. Crazy Hair.

Things I learned on this run:

  1. Running in 45 degree temps and no winds > running in 85 degree and 15-20 mph winds
  2. Kidney stones still suck.  My kidney stones returned this weekend after this long run.  Running long distance must = kidney stones for me.  But it’s not gonna stop me.  I will figure out a way to fight these stupid things.  My parents were talking to a friend who is a runner and uses drops in his water to prevent kidney stones.  I’m so looking into that.
  3. Gu Energy gel is nasty.  I’ve been trying different forms of nutrition for my long runs.  Gu Energy does not win. Yuck.  Let’s hope this weeks Honey Stinger gummies are better.
  4. The song Hotel California, for some reason, makes me run faster.  Please see mile 5 pace (pictured above) for proof.
  5. Singing while running is fun.  I totally sang Hotel California outloud while running.  It was not pretty, but I still did it. And it was fun.
Scheduled to run 10 miles on Friday. Pray for me, please!!!

Did you run this past week? How’d it go? Share with us in the comments!

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