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{Monday Runday} More like Monday Bikeday!

I have 8 weeks until my first half marathon….eeeek!  That gets my nerves a little excited!

Last week, I had intended to run 3 times and bike once.  Well, I ended up running once and biking twice.  Oops.  In my defense, last week was psychotic.  We had somewhere to be or something to be doing at every waking moment.  At least I worked out!  I did log 59 miles between biking and running…so I think I still came out ahead 😉

On Saturday, we participated in the Hale on Wheels 32 mile bike race.

Now granted, I ain’t doing no racing.  I am looking to get a completion grade.

The race started at 8:30 am.  It was in the 50s that morning and overcast.  Oh my goodness.  It was wonderful.  I heart fall.

Cory and all his glorious biking gear.  He actually looks like a biker.
Me on the other hand…I went for the super bright, safety first outfit!
There were “re-fueling” stations every 10 miles or so.  And thank goodness cuz biking makes me feel like I am starving to death.

I sure love this man.  I am so thankful we love to do things like this together! He is the best!

We finished the race in 2 hours, 24 minutes.  Cory could have gone faster, but considering this was only my 3rd time street cycling and I am not that fast (14-18 mph on average, unless we are going down a hill at 25 mph!!), he stayed with me. I am so glad I have been running because there is no way I could have gone 32 miles on my 3rd ride if my cardio wasn’t where it is due to running.  I’d like to thank my cardio trained heart!   All that cardio has actually paid off!  I did feel pretty awesome for like 0.3 seconds when an actual group of guys that were racing blazed past us, and we were briefly….VERY briefly riding along side them.  They cheered us on and encouraged us as they went past us at 5 million miles per hour.  I thought it was so nice for those avid bikers to give us that encouragement.  Once upon a time they were newbies too, and it was just very uplifting!  When we were only a few miles from the finish line, that same group of guys went zooming past us.  They did the 62 mile route.  They did double the miles that we did in the same amount of time.  Sheesh!! I can’t ever imagine going that fast! But then again, I never imagined myself running a half marathon so maybe it’s possible. 😉

And thanks to this bike race, we are now local celebrities in the newspaper.  Ok, maybe not local celebrities… 😉  We had no idea we were even in the paper until a friend at church told us! Thanks Jessica for putting our pic in the paper! How cool is that!!!

In other news,  I will be joining Laurie Cole (author of Beauty by the Book) in a 10 week health related challenge.  If you would like to join, check out her post for the details.  Although I am down to my last few lbs, I still need the accountability so I joined in and would love for you to join as well!

In other other news, Cory and I are doing Seven’s media week and possessions week at the same time.  In regards to possessions, we will be going through our house finding items that we can give away.  I feel completely overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we have accumulated over the past 5 years, so I am really looking forward to trimming down the excess!

We are also doing a semi-media fast.  By semi-fast, I mean we are not giving up technology completely.  I will still blog and check email, but we will not be watching tv and we will not be participating in social media this week.  Gasp! No facebook!!!  I will share my posts to facebook, but will not be active on fb this week.  I hope I can handle it….

See you tomorrow!

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