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Ready for Summer Challenge: week 6

As you already know, I have been out of town for a couple weeks visiting family.  I normally workout while I am visiting them.  But I totally did not work out the past few weeks, at least, not intentionally.  I did what one of my readers likes to call “accidental fitness.”  Accidental fitness happens when you walk a couple miles at the mall, or 4 miles at the zoo 😉 I did that quite often while I was there!  So I guess I’m not at a total loss, huh?

But now we are back in Texas and back in routine.  Today, the Dr and I started Insanity back up at the ugly hour of 630 am (remember how much I despise mornings?)  We had completed month 1 of Insanity right before I left. As you may recall, our challenge to ourselves was to complete Insanity before the beginning of June.  Well, we are back-tracking a few weeks.  We are doing week 3 and 4 again, before we move into month 2 of Insanity (which is a different set of workouts).  So we will complete our challenge a few weeks after the Ready for Summer Challenge ends, but that’s ok.  We will complete Insanity before I go back to visit the family again.

So Challenge accepted.

Or rather: Challenge Re-accepted!

Weigh in after 3 weeks of minimal exercise

Dr Hubs- 254.2 (gain of 4 lbs) It’s ok.  It will come back off fast!

My weight: 124.8 (loss of 1.2 lbs) I was pretty shocked to see that I actually lost.  I was very careful about what I ate the entire time I was out of town and I tracked most days.  But I still didn’t expect a loss!

Our next weigh in will be with the Insanity Fit Test in 2 weeks!

Goals for the week

1. Complete Insanity schedule for the week.
2.  Drink my shakeology for breakfast every week day.
3. Drink 64 oz of water every day.
4. Track on MFP
5.  Run 5k twice this week to prepare for the Color Run.

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