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{Share your Life} Pray hands

dear God

One of my favorite things about bedtime is “pray hands.”  It’s the most precious sight to see our little boy enthusiastically put those little hands (or Elmo’s hands) together in prayer.

After bath, pajamas, and brushing teeth, we read a bible story from one of E’s toddler bibles.  I love watching him act out the stories as we read them.  As soon as he hears the word Noah, he starts pretending to hammer on an ark!

After our bible story (or two or three), we pray about whatever our story was about.  If we are reading about Noah, we thank God for keeping us safe.  If we read about Jesus birth, we thank God for sending Jesus for us.  If we read about  Moses, we thank God for always providing for us.  You get the idea 🙂

And after each prayer, he joyfully proclaims “AMEN!!!”

And my husband and I proclaim AMEN too because we are so thankful to know our Lord and that we can share Him with our son!

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