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{Menu Monday} featuring Skinny Texas Cheese Fries!

Well, hi there!  If you are on my mailing list, please disregard the last post.  It was a test post!

You may also note that the blog got another makeover!!  Don’t you just love it?  I know I do.  I could just stare at it forever.  Seriously.  I am so happy with it!!  My last design went a little wonky and had some technical issues, so my designer and I had to sort of start over.  We brought quite a bit of the design elements from the last design over into this design.  And now the coding should all be working properly and not make things all crazy.  On your end, you couldn’t see the wonkiness, but I could 😉  It’s all fixed now! YAY! And I just have to say that I love the colors and brightness and the fun fonts on this design.  Thanks Kimberly Muro Designs for all your hard work!!

This week is going to be a busy one.  We have alot on our calendar this week!  And we can’t forget the oh so squishy Valentine’s Day!  To celebrate V-day in bloggy land, I will be participating in a Valentine’s Blog Hop with some of my bloggy friends!!!  Be sure to check out thier posts that are linked up at the bottom of this post!  They will also be linked up on my post throughout the rest of the week.  Look for some fun V-day posts, including some cute crafty DIY tutorials, here on the blog throughout this week!

Until then, here is the menu for the week!


Monday- Skinny Texas cheese fries

Tuesday- Deer steak with skinny scalloped potatoes

Wednesday- church dinner

Thursday- Valentine’s date night so we will have dinner out! Thank you church for a special parents night out evening!!!

Friday- White cheddar and spinach chicken burgers

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