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{Share Your Life} Sitting in the parking lot

Howdy. I’m sitting in front of best buy in town. And by “in town” I mean I drove an hour and half to the big city of Amarillo. We are going to be here all day into the evening and I thought *gasp* how will I blog? And it dawned on me…there is an app for literally everything. And so here I am blogging on my iPhone, waiting for best buy to open. I’m so technologically advanced, aren’t I? 😉

Today is Share your life so …


If this actually works and you can see the picture, (all I see is code!) then you will see my smiley little man playing with his toys in the backseat while we wait for best buy to open.

I’m so lucky that I have such an easy going, very adaptable child. He’s so good when we go out! (Most of the time anyway…occasionally he goes all devil child on me like any other 2 year old!)

So this is the shortest post ever. Typing a blog post on an iphone is just not the same as sitting at a laptop… and Best buy just opened! I’m signing off and hoping that all that coding on the WordPress app actually works!

Go technology!!!! See ya tomorrow!!


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  1. Awww… I miss those days- when I could take one of my young ones into Best Buy and they would just be my little happy companion! These days they think of Best Buy as a “Toys R Us!” and all I hear is, “I want that!”

    Thanks so much for linking up to Share Your Life
    Sharon at Momof6 recently posted…Homemade Belgian Waffles RecipeMy Profile

  2. Gotta love that wordpress app! Look at you all technological, blogging from the electronics store. LOL!

    Isn’t it nice having a child you can take anywhere? I have a few like that, and a few that are not so easy… It’s definitely easier to have one that adapts to everything!

  3. I see the photo – he seems to be the happiest boy ever! My three kids were all so easy to get along with that I could take them anywhere. I even took them to our National Art Museum when they were a little older than your guy and it was wonderful. I had studied some of the paintings before we went and asked them questions (some of the Renaissance portraits have items in the painting that tells about the persons life & even how they died in some instances.) People were stopping me to tell me how impressed they were & how well behaved the kids were. I learned that day to never take it for granted. I had a great freedom because I had great kids . . .
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