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{Menu Monday} featuring Green Chile Enchiladas!

Greetings Monday!   It’s actually Sunday as I type this. I’m an overachiever getting this post all ready the day before.  Go me!!

Unfortunately, I am underachieving in the fitness department.  In November, I ran a 1/2 marathon and was feeling sooooo good and athletic!  I continued to workout December-February, but not as consistently as I had been.  I must confess I’ve gained 5 lbs (But I TOTALLY…TMI alert!… blame birth control that I recently went back on a couple months ago) to help with what started as  the great kidney crisis, but turned out to be the great ovary crisis instead.  I go to the doctor on Tuesday about that…

Anyway, now that I have “tmi-ed” you, I tell you all this because I have put together a workout schedule and I am going to post about my successes and epic fails, hopefully more of the former and less of the latter, on Fridays, in which we will so boringly call “Fitness Friday,” unless I come up with something more exciting.  But I have mommybrain, so I doubt that will happen.  It’s time to lose those last 10 lbs that have been hanging around far to long.

Proof that I actually made a schedule!

Proof that I actually made a schedule!

On Friday, I’ll let ya know how I did.  Hopefully my successes > epic fails. And if you are on a fitness journey, I would love to have you link up on Friday or tell us in the comments how your week went.  So prepare yourself, you have homework now!

On to other Monday business, here is the menu for the week! I love love love trying new recipes and as I have mentioned before, while everyone else I know is trying to incorporate a new recipe into thier weekly menu plan, I’m trying to incorporate an oldie that we loved loved loved.  So per the husbands request, some recipes will be noted as a “Greatest Hits” recipe, which is code for “we had this before and loved it so much that it has officially been favorited.”

Also, I am linking up with Orgjunkie at her Menu  Monday Linky.  Link-ups are an awesome way to find new recipes! I’m likely to go pin crazy on some peoples blogs today.  I just can’t help myself.  And do check out the Orgjunkie website.  If to-do lists and organization completes you (like it does me), then you will never leave her site.

orgjunkie menu monday

Monday- **Greatest Hits** White Cheddar and Spinach Burgers  and parmesan baked potato halves <–I made these a couple weeks ago.  They are soooo good.  We are having friends over tomorrow for dinner so I am excited to make this for them!!

Tuesday- Green Chile Enchiladas

Wednesday- church dinner

Thursday- Porkloin with cheesy potato slices

Friday- **Greatest Hits** Slow Cooker Cheesy Chicken and Rice <–This one’s for Mr. Smartypants!! It’s one of his favs!


What’s on your menu this week?  And if you are new here, Welcome!!  If you would like to stick around (and I hope you do!), please head over to my facebook page or follow me on twitter!  Thanks for stopping by!!


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