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{Share your Life} Teaching a 2 year old the joy of giving


Teaching E the joy of giving

In less than a month, E will be two.  And the oh so fun child developmental stage we are in now is: I’m-a-toddler-and-it-is-mine.  Oh we have our moments of generosity, but he’s still a toddler!

It’s a part of being a toddler.  I get it.  But its never to early to start teaching a child the joy of giving.

Yesterday, I finished up my Christmas cards and thought it would be fun for E to make a card for his little best friend, “Day-Den” (translation: Caden.)

We got out a blank card and some stickers and he very strategically placed each sticker, happily exclaiming “no man! no man!” (translation: snowman! snowman!) and “Tar Tar!” (translation: Star Star!) and “baw baw!” (translation: Ball Ball! which in this case translates into ornament.)

Each sticker was placed on that paper with true passion and excitement!


The final product: complete with his signature 😉


I asked him if he was all done and he proudly looked up at me and said “all done!”   And then proceeded to lick the card.  

My first thought -“uhh why are you slurping the Christmas card?”

Then I realized he had been sitting at the table watching me close the rest of the Christmas card envelopes.

  He must have thought that is what you do!   Monkey see, monkey do.  

This is life with a toddler!


ahhh my heart! It’s melting!

After slurping his card, I asked him if he was happy to give this card to Caden.  He looked at me and smiled and hugged his card.

My heart melted.  (This was my favorite part!)


After filling Caden’s Christmas card with lots of love, we walked out to the mailbox and as we did, Eli yelled out “Day-den! Day-den!”

He put the card in the mailbox all by himself, closed it and waved bye bye to his friend’s Christmas card.

He had just experienced the joy of giving. 

Merry Christmas to our very special friend, Caden!



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  1. So sweet! I have a 19 month old little boy and trying to figure out how to teach them giving is a huge deal and no small task. Thanks for sharing an easy idea. Found you through SITS SHarefest.

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