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That mean old Mommy…

*whine* *sniffle* *cry* *scream*

This was my son a couple weekends ago when his evil Mommy decided that it was time to see the jolly big man in the red suit.


oh tears! Oh the humanity!

We waited in line for 30 minutes and you would have thought I was torturing his poor soul.  He wanted out of his stroller in the worst way.  I would let him out and he would try to escape.  Back in the stroller he went, where he would promptly swell his eyes with tears and let out a blood curdling scream (ok, it wasn’t that bad but if you have ever been the mother of an unhappy toddler, you understand).


In fact, the mother of the toddler behind Eli in this picture understood all to well.  Because her toddler was doing the same thing.  Perhaps E and this little boy were in a competition to see who could get out of seeing Santa. 


 In an attempt to make him happy, we put him on top of daddy’s shoulders.  But I still got the stink eye.

This is happening, son.  This is happening.  You will see Santa.

santa and eli 2012

And it did happen.  And he didn’t scream.  But he did pout.  Resulting in the cutest Santa picture ever!

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  1. Hi Stephanie.
    I love your son’s little pouty face in the santa photo. Just perfect. And it is amazing what you’ve accomplished in your weight loss. Congratulations!! I really enjoyed visiting your blog.

    Found you on BloggyMom.
    Take care,

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