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Sneak Peek: The Mother of All Meltdowns

I have a little secret.  You want to hear it?Moamslide2

It”s really cool.  Like really, really cool.

Like, I’m so excited I can’t contain myself cool.

Are you ready?

I wrote a chapter…for a BOOK.  A BOOK! Like a real BOOK!

What’s the big deal? You hit publish all the time on your blog.

But this is a BOOK… with chapters!  A book that has been in the making for several months.  A book that contains a story of mine that is being published by real publishers.  So it’s a pretty a big deal… 😉

I have joined with 29 awesomely funny bloggers to write one of the most hilarious books I’ve ever read.  Every mother has had a moment. You know, one of those moments.   A moment where everyone within a 50 mile radius better take cover, cuz mom’s about to blow…The Mother of All Meltdowns.


In this collection of tell-all stories, we have put it all out there for you.  We are sharing things that most moms would probably keep to themselves for fear that our family and friends would be to embarrassed to be related to us.  But you need to know you are not alone.  You need to know it happens to all of us.  You need to know that when you blow up at a stranger in the store for judging your parenting techniques, you are not alone.   You need to know that when  you explode at your kids because you just can’t take it anymore, you are not alone. You need to know that when you find poop on your floor or somewhere other than a diaper (yes, this happens to all of us), you are not alone. You need to know that when your child embarrasses you to no end, you are not alone.   You need to know that we all have our less than stellar parenting moments.

Key phrase here:  You are not alone.

Here’s a sneak peak from yours truly…

I started hearing giggling in the bathroom. Certainly, they weren’t laughing at my most precious son. Maybe somebody said something funny out there that I missed because my son was too busy informing me of my present occupation.


The people in the bathroom were dying with laughter, and I realized my son was so loud that his declaration could probably be heard within a hundred-mile radius. I began to ponder living out the rest of my life in this bathroom stall. I began to calculate the probability of me surviving this experience with any dignity left, and the chances looked rather slim.

If you have been following this blog for some time, you may recognize this haunting story that I wrote about some time back.  But this is a book, my friends.  You get way more detail in a book than you do in a short blog story.

If you have ever felt like “why me?” or “is this really happening?” or “did I really just say that?”, fear not.  You are not alone!!

Are you picking up on the message I’m trying to send here?  This collection of stories will have you feeling much better about yourself and the meltdown you had last week, or yesterday, or 5 minutes ago.

You can’t have motherhood without meltdowns.

But you know what?  I’ll take the meltdowns because it means I’m a mother.  And being a mother is the most rewarding and amazing experience of my life.

Join us on facebook and twitter as the mayhem continues!  Stay tuned for details about the book release and giveaways!


 Disclosure:  As a faith blogger and someone who typically doesn’t “cuss” (most of the time),  I want to tell you that this book contains a few “pg-13” moments because of language   But in all honesty, I have to say that during my meltdown moments, pg-13 words sometimes escape my mouth too.   And the stories that contain these words are typically the ones that I laughed out loud at the most. 😉  

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    • Me too!! I feel so much better about parenting knowing that I am not the only one who has had a “moment.” 😉 I’m sure your sister will love it!

  1. Woo hoo! As a fellow contributor who has previewed the book, I have to say that your chapter made me laugh, Stephanie. And feel very sorry for you. But you seem to have recovered well 🙂
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