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Spring Chick Challenge and some Clutter!

Time for a Spring Chick Challenge update and a chapter of Body Clutter (finally, geez!)

Spring Chick Challenge Week 3 Results

  • Actually track 64 oz of daily h20-  SEMI SUCCESS. I have a water bottle that I have to fill up 3 times a day to get in my total h20.  I didn’t write it down, but I know I got close because I filled my bottle up 2-3 times a day each day!
  • Log at least 12 workouts, add in some extra to make up for lost workouts last week.  Ultimate goal is 18 workouts. That’s a huge number!  (Remember, a workout is a session of physical activity- A turbofire workout, a jog, a chalean extreme, zumba etc)  SUCCESS! I did 15 workouts and burned a total of 2370 calories!!
  • Continue to track on myfitnesspal – YES!
  • Drink Shakeology 5 times this week – YES!
  • Blog 1-2 chapters of Body clutter … for real! Seriously, I’m doing it now.  After my results and goals !
  • Blog about the weekly Proverbs 31 Challenge.  I got sidetracked with redesigning the entire blog, but I will be posting this in the next few days!

Week 4 Goals
  • Track 64 oz H20
  • Log at least 18 workouts again!
  • Continue to track on myfitnesspal
  • Drink Shakeology 5 times this week
  • Blog 1 chapter of Body Clutter
  • Blog about Proverbs 31
  • Introduce New Series! (I bet you can’t wait, right?) 🙂
  • Post Weekly Weigh In on Friday (I moved my weigh in day to Friday!)

Body Clutter Chapter 8 and 9, coming right up.  (Took me long enough, right?)  I am planning on doing the Body Clutter Series on Tuesdays.  I am attempting to set up a schedule for my blogposts!  I need more structure as far as what I post when.  So we will see if I can follow my own schedule!
For those that are new to the blog, I have been reading a book called BODY CLUTTER (since last summer…ya it’s taking me forever and a day to read it because I haven’t made it a priority, but here’s to changing that cuz its an AMAZING book!)  If you are interested in previous posts, they can be found at the old site, just check out the archives and look for the Body Clutter posts.  

So on to Chapter 8:
 A Chapter about FOOD

The supersize mentality is a type of behavior modification in its most negative form. -Leanne

Our just-this-one-time-won’t-hurt rationalization turns into a lifestyle -Leanne

Just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean we need to strap on the bottomless feedbag. -Leanne  talking about portion control. 

Life is about choices…This is what body clutter is all about- recognizing that you do have a choice and making the babystep choices to change your attitude and your way of living. -Leanne

This chapter was more devoted to learning about the different parts of a food label, so rather than focus on that, I pulled a few of my favorite quotes out.  I love these 4 quotes, especially the one about choices.  We won’t magically change into what we want to become unless we MAKE THE CHOICE to make the change.  And it doesn’t have to be a drastic change immediately.  The best way to incorporate change into our lives is to take babysteps, make small changes, and make them into a habit.  These small changes then become a part of our lifestyle and by the time we know it, we have incorporated so many small changes into our lives, that we have made a drastic change to our lifestyle!

Chapter 9: 
A Chapter about MOVING

We talk to ourselves and pull ourselves down before we even get started! This is how we create a very personal pattern…Too overwhelming, too much work, we start to whine, we start to look for excuses, and we rationalize why we’re there in the first place.  I wasn’t looking at the right stuff- I was looking at the finished project, and not embracing the process.  -Leanne

Been there, done that.  Made excuses.  Wanted to lose the weight not now, right now.  Wanted the finished project and didn’t want to go through the process.  But once I made the choice to take those babysteps, all these excuses slowly dwindled away as the lifestyle became just a tad bit easier.  It’s still not always easy, but learning to embrace the process has definitely made a huge difference in my attitude!

The feeling was one of amazing empowerment- I felt strong and in control of my own body. -Leanne

Amen to that.  There is alot of empowerment in making the choice to embrace the process!  

And let me leave you with my favorite quote from these 2 chapters…

It doesn’t end with a goal weight; it’s a lifestyle change that completely re-energizes your life and changes the way you think. -Leanne

Can I get an AMEN???!!! 😉

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