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Welcome Friends!

Welcome to the new and improved blog!  Ok, so maybe this wasn’t exactly a “small” change.

 More like a drastic change.

Change is good, right? Yes!

I’m so glad you are sticking around and I hope I can offer more to you through this new site.

Let me introduce you to the new tabs

Blog Roll:  Here I will be linking up blogs that I just adore and as I find them, I will add them.  So if you are looking for some new blogs to follow, that’s the place to go!

Recipes:  Here you will find links to recipes and if you are lucky, I may even post my own attempts at cooking, with pictures and all! Hey, I’m getting better at cooking!

Book Recommendations:  I have made a goal for 2012 to read, read, read.  I LOVE to read, but didn’t make alot of time for it last year.  When I read a good book worth sharing, I will write a little background on it and why I liked it. And I promise, no spoilers!

Being Creative with Faith and Fitness:  Remember me talking about my craft blog?  This is that craft blog (and it got a makeover too!)  It is relatively new so there is not alot of content on it.  But the content that is there is way cute, in my most humble opinion.  Rather than manage two different blogs and feeling guilty when I don’t post frequently on it (there just isn’t enough time in the day!), I have combined it with my main blog.  This will be my little creative nook where I will post as I craft and create (one of my passions!).

So there you have it! I hope you like the new place 🙂 

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  1. So happy to be on your blog roll and can't wait to see what you have in store with the new blog! I love the design of it, so cute 🙂 I'll still be following!

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