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Spring Chick Challenge

Spring Chick Challenge

It’s just what I need.  A challenge (which runs from Jan 2nd-March 19th).  I am a nerd and I loved homework when I was in school. I miss college! This challenge will be that “homework” that I need to stay on track! I’m pretty excited about it.  Enter the SPRING CHICK CHALLENGE hosted by The Big Butt Theory.

Homework session #1- Share focus points

So here are the focus points for this challenge:
  1. Commit to a NSV (non scale victory) to be assessed at the start and the conclusion of the challenge.  
    • Log 122 workout sessions by March 19th.  That is 2 workouts per day with one day of rest per week.  I will log into the WOWY Supergym to track and also keep tally on the blog.
  2. Commit to a set of nutrition parameters and track via MyFitnessPal or Sparkpeople or WW. Whatever tracking works for you. IF you are on maintenance and do not really track. What nutrition goals do your have?
    • How many calories daily or weekly? – 1400 calories daily with one day that I can go slightly over (but not by much!) tracked on Myfitnesspal
    • How much water will you drink daily?  64 oz per day tracked on Waterlogged
    • What items, if any, will you limit? I will continue to not eat fast food at all and will limit fried foods to once every 2 weeks (if that).
  3. Commit to a set of exercise parameters. These can be as loose or as flexible as you feel work for your personality, schedule, etc.
    • I will be joining my friend Janelle to do Zumba 1-2 times a week.
    • I am currently on week 5 of Turbofire and will do the 20 week program.
    • I am going to also start Brazil Butt Lift (but I have to order it still!)
    • I will do core/ab workouts 3 times a week
    • I will jog 1-2 times per week.
  4. Commit to blogging at least twice weekly and 1 of those times must be you check in with a complete up date on your progress. All other blogs could include new insights, results of weekly challenges, or just letting others know how you are doing.  Will do!!!
  5. Commit to support... both giving and receiving. Check others blogs and comment as you feel motivated to do. Not a problem!
2011 starting weight at end of pregnancy – 190 lbs
Current weight – 133 lbs
Target goal- 120 lbs

And here is my info as well:
Name: Stephanie
Blog URL:
Age: 26

Location: West Texas

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  1. Great goals. I know this challenge is already helping me. I am revamping my goals and getting more focus. I am excited about this challenge and how we will get it done!

  2. I am with you on this challenge. I am struggling with my goals, but will keep tweaking them till Jan.
    Good luck with your goals, they are GREAT!

  3. Stephanie, I found your blog through the challenge and I have to say I am THOROUGHLY impressed by your 2011 progress!!! I just wish I had found your blog sooner! Looking forward to following along in 2012 and good luck with the challenge!

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