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Weighing in with Him

It’s been awhile since I have posted a weigh in post.  I am really going to get back in the habit of posting that weigh in because it keeps me accountable.  I have been weighing in, just not taking the time to post.  I’m sorry   🙁

It’s the holidays. And that means that I am running around like a crazy person, trying to stay sane.  And let’s just say…I don’t feel like I am doing a good job of staying sane…at all….AHHHHHH!  So much to do and no time!! A friend reminded me today that Christmas is in less than 2 weeks….initiate freak out mode. Ya.

Weigh in!!

Last week: 132.8 lbs
Today’s weigh in: 133.0 lbs

Ok so I am pretty much the same. Maintaining.  Like I have been for pretty much the past 3 weeks.  That’s good. Except for the fact that I wanna be in the 120’s by Christmas! I got alot of work to do.  I don’t know if I can get rid of those 3 lbs by Christmas or not…but I sure as heck am gonna try!

While I was in St Louis for Thanksgiving, I did some Black Friday shopping, which included shopping for myself as well.  I seriously had no winter clothes that fit!  I have added some items to my wardrobe that actually were size Large, instead of Extra large! Whoohooo! I also FINALLY found some jeans at American Eagle that fit me in the booty! I have been on a month long jean adventure and sometimes it just wasn’t pretty.  I will post about that this week 😉  The booty post. Look for it later this week. 😉

I did measurements this week as well and here were the changes.

Right arm- 11 1/4″ (same)
left arm- 11″ (down 1/4″)

Chest- 38 1/2″ (down 1/2″)

Waist- 36 1/2″ (FINALLY got away from that pesky 37″ –> down 1/2″)

hips- 36″ (down 1 1/2″!!!!!  I had bought some yoga pants a couple weeks ago that fit wonderfully and are now falling off. No wonder!!)

So there is still progress! Also check out last weeks work outs I completed:

Monday- Christmas tree up and Christmas decorations up.  Ya. I am going to consider that a work out…lots of lifting, squatting, and reaching!

Tuesday- Fire 45, 20 min extreme abs, and Chalean Extreme Push 1

Wednesday- Fire 30, Zumba 20

Thursday- Fire 30, 20 min abs, Zumba 20 and Chalean Extreme Push 2

Friday- no work out 🙁 I was feeling awful as my monthly visitor appeared.

Now time for the hubbys weigh in!

Last weeks weight: 158 lbs
This weeks: 154 lbs

He had two big changes in his measurements:

Waist- 45 1/2″ (down 1/2″)

Hips- 45″ (down 1″!!!)

Way to go hubby!!!

Non scale Victories for the week
1) I tracked on myfitnesspal all week…then I didn’t track over the weekend! Dang it! Well, 5 days is better than 0!
2) I drink my 68 oz of water for 6 days of 7.  So close!
3) I did my 3 out of 4 planned Turbofire workouts.
4) I did Chalean Extreme twice last week.  This week, I am aiming for 3!
5) I did abs 3 times last week 🙂
6) I drink my Shakeology 4 times last week for breakfast.
7) Had coffee with a dear friend and chatted about 5k training, cross training and making a plan to get fit together! And we plan to start running together in the new year!!!
This week’s plan
1) We have Christmas parties on 5 days out of the 7 days of this week! Holy cow! Now to avoid porking out on those tasty Christmas goodies that will be found at each party.  MODERATION!
2) Continue drinking my h20 and logging it into waterlogged.  Hubby and I started our water challenge again!
3) Drink shakeology 4-5 times this week.
4) Track on Myfitnesspal
5) Blog 3 times.
And I already have my workout schedule planned for the week.  Check it out!
Monday- Fire 30, Chalean Extreme Push 1, Zumba
Tuesday- Hiit 15, Zumba and 20 min Extreme Abs
Wednesday- Fire 30, Chalean Extreme Push 2, Zumba
Thursday- Fire 55, 20 min Extreme abs
Friday- Fire 30 and Chalean Extreme Push 3
What’s your plan for the week? 🙂

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