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Summer Reading List {Free Printable}

Summer’s a coming!! If you are like me, then you enjoy sitting in the sun, soaking up rays and reading! I enjoy sitting outside while the kiddos play and catching up on the many books that I have started and take 25 years to finish…ahem.

I’m one of those people.

I am usually reading about 5 books at any given time.  I could make my life easier and just go from start to finish on one book before starting another, but apparently that is not how I roll.

Perhaps you are like me and have a huge list of books you are currently reading.  Maybe you have a wish list of books you want to read this summer (one at a time like a normal person!) or maybe you want to make a summer reading list for your children!

Whatever it may be, I have created a cute printable for you to use to keep track of your summer reading!

Summer Reading List Printable


Hang tight!  Summer is right around the corner!  Enjoy your Summer Reading List Printable!!

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