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When Homeschooling Feels Overwhelming

When I’m stressed and overwhelmed, there isn’t anything much better than a really good cup of coffee.  You know the kind.  The kind that you want to savor…or go back for like 7 more cups.  Ahem…

Actually, I take that back.  There is something much better than coffee.  That feeling of peace that only God can give far surpasses the best cup of coffee.

Let me tell you something.  I’m a new homeschooling mom.  Like so new that I feel lost on picking curriculum.  So new that I have felt overwhelmed.  So new that I started out super excited and until recently, was feeling defeated in the decision to homeschool.


Questions have been running through my head: Am I smart enough to educate my children?  Am I capable of this? How will I find the perfect curriculum?  How will I know I am doing it right?  Do we stay on a schedule or do I just roll with it?  (That really doesn’t fit well with my type A personality.)  Will I ever get a break from my children? (I love them, but sometimes momma needs a moment to herself!)  More importantly, will I mess up my kids?

I know these questions run through the minds of not only new homeschooling moms like myself, but the seasoned ones as well.

We ask these questions because we fall in the trap of perfectionism, the trap of self-doubt, and the trap of comparison!  We begin to doubt ourselves.  But as I have learned in the last 2 months, I don’t have to stay stuck in this trap.  There is hope and joy in homeschooling!

This is why I am so excited to share with you this online video course for homeschool moms- Bloom: A Journey to Joy (and Sanity) for Homeschool Moms.

Over the past two months, I have been blessed to participate in this amazing online course.  All those questions and doubts I have been facing were confronted head on in this class.

Ultimately, the battle for this hope and joy is a spiritual one. So many of us are trapped in spiritual bondage by layers of lie-filled thoughts! And the purpose of “bloom” is to help us slowly discover which ones may be holding us back. But the deepest discoveries can only be made when our spiritual blinders can be removed and we can be honest with ourselves. Once these lies and half-truths are removed and we’ve begun the process of making small steps toward truth, THEN we can begin to experience the deepest levels of joy.  -Alicia Michelle from Vibrant Homeschooling, creator of Bloom

I have a history of lie-filled thoughts with my postpartum depression.  Even though I have overcome that struggle, there is still a struggle with lie-filled thoughts in other areas of my life.  I think most of us struggle with that in one way or another.  As Alicia says, it becomes a spiritual bondage and finding our hope and joy becomes a battle!

More about Bloom

Let me tell you why I love Bloom.

  • You can complete the course in your home at your own pace.
  • You will learn the truths that can set you free from the big fat homeschool lies.
  • You will learn how to set up a rhythm to your homeschool day and how to give yourself grace as you plan your homeschooling routine.
  • You will learn about the importance of rest and how to set up a system that will allow you to experience rest, a word that most of moms have forgotten the meaning to!
  • You will be equipped with tools to help you battle perfectionism, comparison and anger.
  • You will discover ways to find joy in your homeschooling!

What’s included?

  • Access to 8 video courses (each about 20 minutes long)
  • 88 pages (8 Discovery packets) of powerful charts, journaling prompts, and other tools to customize your path to homeschool joy
  • Access to a private “Bloom” online Facebook group to provide accountability

To join my Bloom online Facebook comunity that I am hosting, please sign up here!

There’s more!

When you download Bloom, you will receive 6 exclusive freebies, a set of MP3 “bloom” audio recordings with additional commentary on the class topics and 7 exclusive discount codes from popular homeschool publishers, all worth over $82 in value.  Wondering what those freebies are?  Check out these exclusive Bloom Freebies.

If you want to experience that peace that only God can give in your homeschool, then this course is for you.  And if you try it and it isn’t, there is a 15 day money back guarantee.  But let me tell you something.  It is worth every penny.  All those doubts and questions and fears I had have vanished.  After taking this course, I feel so much more equipped emotionally and spiritually to take on this calling that God has given me.

So head on over to the Bloom registration page and check it out.  I found peace.  Now you can too.

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