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The P31 Challenge

Remember the blogging schedule I am trying to get myself on?   Well guess what.

I was technically a week behind (as far as posting), so today I will share with you my experiences with the Proverbs 31 Challenge over the past 2 weeks.
Last week, Sara talked about making time.  She asks us to think about what’s important, what’s not; what to do now or save for later; do we tend to get stuck on the small stuff and avoid the big, or work on the big stuff and forget the smaller stuff?  When it comes to tasks that need done, I am a little bit OCD about organizing and my to do list.  I feel like I am pretty efficient.  I do a mix of big and little tasks at the same time and I do it in small bits at a time.  I came up with this word “chunking” that my entire family now uses.  We don’t call organizing calendars planners.  No.  We call them Chunkers.  Because the only way to get both the small tasks and the large tasks done at the same time is to do them bits at a time.  If you have a huge number of small tasks, clump them into chunks and focus on that one chunk.  You will be amazed how quickly you complete those small tasks! If you have a large task that will take alot more time, then break that large project down into smaller size bites (or smaller sized chunks) and you will feel so accomplished as you see those little bites leading up to the completion of a big project!  So, I feel like I got that part of my life pretty much under control.
But then I look at the big picture.  What is important?  My relationship with God comes first, followed extremely closely by family.  I have realized over the past year how I had let negative body image (and ultimately Satan) take over my life and steal me away from my relationship with Christ.  My goodness, looking back, that was one EXTREMELY unhappy chapter of my life.  And why was it so unhappy?  Because it was not Christ centered. Looking back, I can see now how lost I was.  But I have been found. And I am so grateful for that!
Our challenge last week was to make time for the right things. And to ask ourselves the following questions:
1) What do you need to focus your time on?
2)What can you spend your time doing better?
3)What can you cut out and save your time for?
I decided, since my relationship with God comes first, then I should spend time on that relationship.  I sponsor a young woman in the Phillipines named Princess through Compassion International and I completely adore this gal!  In her most recent letter, she told me she had started something to keep her accountable to spending time with the Lord- “no devotion, no breakfast.”  Pretty self explanatory.  And I love breakfast, so I started doing it with her this week!  After Little E finishes his breakfast, we go play in his room while Mommy does her devotional. Little E tries very hard to help Mommy turn the pages of her bible when she is not quite ready for it.  Totally the best thing ever though!  I love that little boy clinging to me as I try to read!  After Mommy is done with the devotion, she goes to get breakfast!  😉  So far, so good!
For this past week, Sara asked this question: what has He blessed you with already?
She challenges us to focus on 3 qualities or talents that we have as a wife or mom and to declare them.  I asked my husband to help me come up with my 3 qualities because the only one I could come up with is: organized! In his words, I “manage the household” and it manages to not fall apart, so I guess that’s a talent. 😉  When I asked my husband for a quality I have as a wife/mom, he told me “you make us feel loved and you inspire us to better ourselves.”  That made me feel good!  I really had to think about the 3rd quality and I wanted it to relate to being a mom.  I am trying so hard to raise Eli to know the Lord.  That is my ultimate goal and I try to make everything in his life reflect that.  But on a smaller scale, I think I am good at taking the time to really give my little boy experiences.   And I know most moms do that, so its not that special.  But still! Even if it takes 5 whole minutes for us to walk out to the mailbox (he takes itty bitty tiny little steps while holding my hand), I love taking those extra 4 minutes and 30 seconds just to let him have the experience and to see the delight in his eyes.  I love doing these kinds of things for him!  I love including him in everything!  (He loves to unfold the laundry as I fold it, but I just let him cuz it makes him so happy! Eventually I get it folded!)  I am blessed.  I am blessed with such a sweet family and a sweet little boy!
Well, Little E just woke up from a nap.  So I better run! I encourage you to go take the P31 Challenge. And I hope you have a blessed day!

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