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We’ve been plagued!

I haven’t disappeared off the face of the planet. I promise. I’m still here.

I’m just fighting to keep my household alive right now!

Ya, that’s me in all my nasty flu glory.  As you can see, I have leftover make-up on that I never cared to take off.  My eyes are poofy, watery, I hadn’t showered for like 3 days cuz I lacked the energy and let’s face it, I look half dead.  That’t because when I took this picture, I was half dead.  I texted this pic to my parents and said “this is my flu face.”  And it’s not a good look for me. Or anyone.  I so have to post a picture soon to “redeem myself” after posting this horrific pic. Perhaps one that I look alive in!

I have basically lived on the couch for the past 3 days.  You know that feeling when you get hit by a truck?  Oh, you have never been hit by a truck?  Well, neither have I, but with the amount of body ache I felt,  I can imagine that’s the way it would feel.  Not to mention I wanted to be decapitated due to the crazy bad headaches and the combination of congestion/runny nose/drainage.  And Dr. Hubby wasn’t doing any better.  He was sick too, at the same time as me.  So we tag teamed taking care of E.

Speaking of E, let me tell you a lil more about our sad story.

E has the flu too.

And hand, foot and mouth disease 🙁

Sounds awful, right?  Well, it is.

If you don’t know what Hand, Foot and Mouth disease is, it is not a disease.  It is a really bad virus that causes blisters to pop up on the hands, feet and mouth, and a rash to appear on the rest of the body. He unfortunately got it from Mothers Day Out, and 4 of our friends are going through the same thing right now.  It is highly contagious to other children and less contagious to adults.  It is painful, especially the ones in the mouth, so it has been an extreme challenge to get him to eat and drink.   The only thing I can get him to eat is Lisa’s (Fat Chick Fed Up) banana bread, which is amazing & delicious!  Look at his poor chin, and just imagine that inside his mouth.  When I took him to the doctors office, our pedi showed me his tonsils and they were just covered in those blisters.  I’m telling ya, this is some awful stuff.  It’s like chicken pox times a million.

See the blisters on his poor little hands?  Oh my heart breaks for him.

  There is nothing more precious than baby toes.  But blistered baby toes is a different story.  They are not precious.  They are painful. You can see 2 big blisters next to the black sock fuzz and the one on his 3rd toe that opened.  POOOOOOR E!  (I still think his toes are precious!)

Of course as a nurse, I can’t help but keep some running nurses notes.  I’ve been alternating ibprofen and tylenol, just to help with the pain.  And don’t you love today, at 8 am, the exclamation that goes with POOP!  When you are a parent with a sick child, you get excited about poop.  You either understand now as a parent, or after you have kids, you will.  And what about yesterday, 530- snowcone.  Hey, shaved ice is still a form of getting some water down the kid.  That was Dr. Hubby’s idea and E devoured it.  I know it made those sores in his mouth feel a lil better.  We also tried an oatmeal bath last night and that seemed to help his bottom and his feet.  What’s not on his nurses notes is his frequent waking up at night.  And E is the best sleeper ever.  He generally goes to bed at 730 and sleeps 12 hours without waking in the middle of the night.  He just can’t get comfortable, poor thing. E is the happiest baby on the planet, but with him feeling this crummy, he can have a melt down at any given moment.  🙁

So Dr. Hubby and I have had the flu, while caring for E with both the flu and hand/foot/mouth.  Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

I just have to tell you how blessed we are though, despite our house getting the plague.  Not only have we had our friends and family praying for us, but our church’s children’s minister/my dear friend, Brittany, surprised us with dinner last night! It just melted my heart when she texted me and said “I’m bringing yall dinner at 5:15!” Oh my gosh.  What a blessing!   It was the first real food we had eaten in like 3 days! It was WONDERFUL, and there was leftovers for dinner tonight! WHOOHOO!  Thank you so much Brittany for being such an amazing blessing to us!

And thank you to those that have been following me on facebook, and have lifted us up in prayer! It is so appreciated!!!

So as you can see, there hasn’t been much time for blogging.

Next week, I will be back to my regularly scheduled blogging program.

Thanks for sticking with me!!

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