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Ready for Summer Challenge

Hey! Guess what!?
We survived the plague!

And we celebrated by going to a car show put on by Dr. Hubby’s buddies in the Texas Tech Engineer Formula SAE team.  It was fun and nice to get out!  E is still in the healing phase, but at least we are getting better!  Doesn’t he look so cool?
So it’s back to our regularly scheduled blogging program.
We are starting a week late, (since my household was half dead last week), but I would like to introduce you to the new challenge we have joined!

This challenge runs until June 4 (10 weeks- 9 for us since we are starting a week late).  It is very similar to the Spring Chick Challenge, as we have to create for ourselves 4 goals in 4 different categories.  Please note the use of the word “we.” Yep, the hubby has set his own goals for this challenge as well!  Each Monday, I will share with you our results and link up over at the Ready for Summer Challenge blog.

Stephanie’s Ready For Summer Challenge Goals

Current weight: 126.4

*Weight Loss Goal– I originally though 125 was my ultimate goal and I am so close! But I realize after having a baby, that what 125 looked like pre-baby is not the same as 125 post baby.  I am thinking that 115-120 is  a more reasonable goal, although if I stayed where I am and got tone, I would not complain.  I am pretty happy where I am at, which is saying something given my history.  I no longer make excuses and I have finally forgiven myself for the way I loathed my body.

*Non-Scale Victory-  I am running in the Color Run 5k June 30th in Kansas City with a group of girls that are avid runners.  I am not an avid runner.  I love to run, but I do not run 6 times a week like these girls!  I would like to be able to comfortably run a 5k without stopping.  I need to go out running to see what my 5k time is and then set a goal time to aim for.

*Exercise Goal- I want to complete Insanity by the end of this challenge!  And of course, improve my 5k time.  I would love to do this by running at least twice a week.  I intend to work out 5 days a week.

Nutrition – I really, really need to log what I eat on myfitnesspal.  I just need to come up with something that will keep me accountable.  I’m thinking a marble in a jar for each day I complete my log, and each marble represents .50 cents or something.  I may actually be inclined to do it if I’m paying myself!

Dr. Hubby’s Ready for Summer Challenge Goals (in his own words!)

My wife just dropped a laptop in my face and said,” Stop what you are doing and blog your goals.” (I didn’t exactly say it that way!  And please, you were playing a video game.  Hit pause.) Since I was given no warning or anything, here are my goals. Also, all I hear while I do her a favor by helping her blog is ridicule over how fast I type. (Oh he types soooo slooooow…seriously honey, could you speed it up a little?)

Current weight: 251

Anyways, to my goals…

*Weight Loss Goal- Well, I guess I should be optimistic, but stay realistic, so I guess that would be something like 15lbs minimum to 20 lbs maximum for healthy weight loss over a 9 week span.  So… umm… Let’s say I will weigh 230-235.

* Non-Scale Victory- Umm, how about I will have a major victory if I have successfully defended my dissertation by June 4th, but I am guessing this is to be a victory about eating right or working out or some junk, not a victory regarding the characterization of nano-energetic reactions dealing with halogen containing oxides. So, workout-y, eat healthy-y goal for the next two months and change would be to be more careful about what I eat. I do enjoying chowing more than I should, so I will have a goal to log everyday in order to keep track of the calorie intake.

dooby dooby doo….I would like my laptop back someday…. =)

*Exercise Goal- I plan to work out 5 days a week just like the wife. So that comes to 45 days of working out. Oh yeah, and for each workout I plan on burning a minimum of 500 calories. Since I am such a large guy, 500 calories isn’t much, but it stops me from jogging to the fridge for a glass of milk and calling it exercise!

*Nutrition- I guess I should read ahead as to what is required of me before I go answering questions like
 “What is a Non-Scale Victory for you?” Yep, logging what I eat here again. It seems a cop out, I know, using the same response for two of these, but I think it is important enough that I will let it stand (because I am the judge after all).

I’m not sure what little gimicky thing I will use as motivation. The wife has her marble jar and stuff.. maybe I can talk her into letting my marbles be for 10 minutes of massage time or something…. (only if my marbles equal massage time as well…)

So there ya have it! Our goals for our new fitness challenge!  What are you doing to get ready for summer?  Share in the comments!

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  1. I clicked your link simply because of that adorable munchkin in your photo on the RFSC!! You'll be one hot mama once we finish this thing I bet!

  2. I think it's GREAT that the two of you are doing the challenge together 🙂

    I think defending your dissertation is a terrific NSV! (I defend my PhD thesis next month and that's definitely my NSV goal!)

    Good luck 🙂

    • ahh good luck with your defense! I know it must be a HUGE relief to know that you are almost done! And even more of a relief once you do your defense! Dr Hubby cannot wait to feel that relief lol!

  3. I love your blog! I saw your stats for the Spring chick challenge, and I have to say you are quite an inspiration!

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