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When You Feel your Burden is too big for Jesus

When you feel your burden is too big for Jesus

A dear friend of mine and youth pastor at our church recently gave a sermon that just hit me.

Like WHAM!

It was this one statement that really just was like a suckerpunch to the soul:

Do you think you have a burden too bad to bring to Jesus?

I have faced many burdens in my life, much like many of you.  Some were big, bad and ugly.  Some of those burdens shaped who I am today, but only because God brought beauty out of that mess.

Did I fall to my knees?  Did I lay it at His feet?  Oh no, I carried it.  Alone.

Or so I thought.

I made a choice to deal with those burdens on my own.  Burdens that led to me to be self-destructive.  Burdens that led my marriage to a struggle.  Burdens that left me feeling alone and worthless.  Do your burdens ever leave you feeling this way?

Have you put more belief in Satan’s lies than in God’s truth?  I certainly did.

But Jesus never left my side.  He wasn’t even surprised by my choices.  He walked alongside me, gently tugging me back to him with conversations, songs and scriptures from friends and family who knew I was struggling.

And He does the same for you.

Did I believe my burden was to bad to bring to Jesus?  Yes, I did.  I felt ashamed, as a believer, that I couldn’t pull myself out of my depression.  I felt like a failure as a Christian because I was suppose to trust in God that everything would be okay, but I just couldn’t.  So I kept it to myself and didn’t let Jesus participate in my burden.

Do you find yourself in a desperate situation?  Do you feel like your burden is to big for Jesus?

Allow me to share with you what our pastor said:

“Jesus had all the power of life yet He chose to submit to death.  He embraced defeat for the possibility of you meeting the Father.  The choice is yours.  He also died for your choice, knowing He may be ignored by many…His victory is complete.  Christ exercises authority over sin by dying.  There are no surprises.  Do you think you have a burden too bad to bring to Jesus?  He’s ready for it.”  -Pastor Jesse

Okay, catch your breath.  Did you just take a punch to the soul?!

Take a moment…

Think about your desperate situation. Jesus isn’t surprised by it. He’s ready for it. Click To Tweet

Make the choice to lay it at His feet.  Give Him your burdens.

For Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body, but made alive in the Spirit.  1 Peter 3:18

Christ has faced the most desperate of situations so that He may save you.

No burden is too big for Him.

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  1. Beautiful message. We all need it at times. I think we forget how Great Thou Art sometimes.. Especially when we are in those ‘desperate situations’. And yet, that’s when His Love can buoy us up from those deep waters and give us guidance and hope.

    It’s so wonderful to read you again. <3

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