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{7} Possessions Week

Yep.  I’m going beyond crazy!

Last week was so busy.  I hardly had a chance to breath between VBS, a sick kiddo, a sick mommy, a sick doggie, and having something to do or somewhere to be every moment of last week.  Phew! We survived!

Update on the passing out doggie: We ran a few tests and found that June has congestive heart failure and kidney failure.  With the right medications, she could be around for quite a while still.  We have her on heart medications and she was acting way better, playing without passing out, and acting like herself.  But over the past week, she has decided to go on a food strike 🙁  I will be taking her back to the vet today to see if it is the medicine upsetting her tummy causing her to not eat, or if her body is shutting down.  It’s so hard to tell.  Otherwise, her quality of life is still great.  If she doesn’t eat, it will quickly be not so great.  So we are still trying to figure out what we can do to keep her more comfortable.  We certainly don’t want to put her to sleep if its a matter of getting her on the right medications that will make her feel better.  If it is her body shutting down, then, well, we haven’t discussed that yet.  It’s so sad to lose a pet 🙁

On to happy news….VBS was a huge success! We had about 270 kiddos total and many offered their lives to Christ!  How awesome!  I just love VBS! It is one of the best weeks of the summer in my books!  But it is oh so very exhausting!

Now I am playing catch up.  I totally didn’t get to clean out our closets for Clothes week. So its a good thing that this week is POSSESSIONS week, because I will be purging my house and my closets.

I will focus on one of these rooms each day, with a goal in mind of getting rid of at least 7 things per room, but I can guarantee it will be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more.  Having all this crap stuff is beginning to make me quite literally insane.  And everything is pretty dang organized…there is just so much!  Talk about excess!

Farewell crap stuff!

The Rooms

1. My office
2. Master Bedroom/Bathrooms/Closets
3. Eli’s Room
4. Guest Bath/Kitchen
5. Main office
6. Living Room
7.  Garage

Today, I am working in my office and I am on purge mode.  It feels good!  I will try to report each day on my progress!

Sorry for the short post, but I have crap stuff to purge 😉

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  1. I love it! Sorry to hear about your recent rough times.

    I'm beginning my own de-crap week (I of course mean stuff). The family will function better, and the Momma will be so happy, right?

    Coming to you from poorganic life Oh, how I can sooooooooooo relate! I'm just beginning my week of possesions. At first I thought that it'd be easy because I always get rid of stuff. That means that the stuff I still have is all wanted. I didn't get rid of it for a reason. I can still use it, but I'm seeing that someone else can too.

    Coming to you from Poorganic Life

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