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Body Clutter: Chapter 3- The Hidden and Not so Hidden Realities of Body Clutter

We beat ourselves up with our body clutter. When you get dressed in the morning, do you ever feel like you are trying to “hide” that body clutter? We run from what we have become. We wear baggy clothes to hide our weight. We look forward to winter because its easier to hide that clutter under hoodies (I am guilty of that one.)

What about the fat clothes/skinny clothes that hang out in the closet? We see those skinny clothes and beat ourselves up because we see what we once were and what we have become. In this chapter, they call the skinny clothes “guilt producing garments.”

If we’re going to be new creations by attempting to redefine ourselves and change, well then, those clothes must go. You can’t organize clutter, you can only get rid of it.
Feeling pretty is more about your attitude than your face.

If you don’t treat yourself with respect and love, you will not feel pretty. Getting up and taking care of you is the most important job of your whole day.

I have found this to be so true. If I am staying at home all day, I still get dressed and put my makeup on. Even if its for no one, but me. I feel better because I took the time to “pamper” myself. In regards to clothing, the authors go so far as to say “Don’t keep anything in your home that makes you have bad feelings. This has to stop!” Respect yourself and love yourself and you will feel pretty!

1) Do you feel pretty? If you answer no, then write about how you feel about the way you look.
The answer to this varies from day to day. Some days, yes, I feel pretty. Depends on the outfit and whether I am having a good hair day or not! My husband teases me because when we travel, I bring a stupid amount of clothing. I cannot choose an outfit for each day and bring only that. I bring everything that I feel most comfortable in because one day an outfit might make me feel pretty and the next, it might not. That’s just how it is and I hate having to live with that. I just want to feel good in everything I wear (someday I will!). On the days that I don’t feel pretty, it is usually when I am having a high stress day/week.
2) How many years of clothes do you have in your closet? And better yet, how many sizes? What words do you hear in your head when you look in your closet at the clothes that dont fit?
I have probably 8 years worth of clothes in my closet. I have clothes from high school tucked away that I never wear. Not all of them, just some. Maybe I should get rid of those…ya, that sounds like a good idea! What the heck do I still have them for? I then have the clothes that I had when I was 125ish lbs while dating and during my college years. Those are the “skinny clothes” that I am longing to fit back in. Then there are the preggo clothes (which I admit, I still wear some) and my current clothes that I feel good in (on most days!) When I see the clothes that don’t fit, some days I feel sad because I wish so bad to fit in them again and other days, I see them and think to myself “I am getting back into that outfit!” I guess I am bi-polar when it comes to my feelings about my clothes lol
3) Have you ever felt embarrassed by your weight?
All the time. I know the weight I need to lose is minimal compared to others. But for me, I know where I used to be and what I have become and I am embarrassed that I let myself gain 20 lbs. I am not embarrassed (mostly) about the way my body has changed after pregnancy because I am so thankful to have had my baby. He is the best thing in the world! I am bothered by my stretched out, floppy post-preggo tummy, that is a result of my c-section. I don’t know why it bothers me so much becuz I would much rather have this tummy and have my baby then not. But I know lots of other moms whose tummies went right back to normal within 3 months of having thier babies. Here I am 7 months later and I still have a post-preggo tummy!!
Feeling pretty is all about attitude. Have a pretty attitude and you will feel pretty.
/sing “I feel pretty, oh so pretty!”

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