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Happy Feet!!

Ok so I might not be a dancing penguin, but I still have HAPPY FEET!
I love running. It’s as simple as that. I never thought I would say those words. But its true. We are only 4 weeks into our 5k training and I can already tell a difference. I don’t feel like death while I run (like I used to!) It’s an amazing feeling to run and feel that pavement under your feet, the wind in your hair…ya it sounds corny. But its true.
This week Hubby and I went to an AWESOME store called Fleet Feet in St. Louis and purchased some running shoes along with some SuperFeet inserts (amazing!). It was such a fun experience! We each had a consultant who fitted us with shoes that were the best for our feet. The consult included a look at the rotation of our ankles, the arches, the width of each part of the foot…we even had to run for them so they could see what shoe would work best for us given in which manner we run. It was a blast and they even kept the store open 30 mins after close, just to help us out! Every consultant is a runner so we also got some great running advice.
Check out my New Balance babies! I took them for thier first run today and it felt AMAZING!

We also invested in some really awesome socks that wick away moisture and prevent blisters.
I cannot wait for this 5k. I am so going to kick its bum!

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