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Body Clutter: Chapter 4: Excuses, excuses!

There are a bazillion and one excuses out there for not taking care of your body clutter. I’ve used most of them and so have you. The minute I got serious about my body clutter, I recognized those excuses for what they were: character flaws that exposed a serious deficit in my own personal integrity. That revelation was completely devastating. But do you know what? We are the biggest decievers on the planet when it comes to ourselves. -Leanne from Body Clutter

Welcome to chapter 4 and the world of excuses. I’ve made them.
Excuse 1- I remember about 5 months ago calling my mom and saying “So many thyroid problems run in our family. I need to get my thryoid checked out cuz I just can’t lose weight.” Excuse. I thought I was watching what I ate, and sure I was. I was watching it go right into my mouth! I wasn’t counting calories. I wasn’t researching what I was putting into my body. Not like I am now. 5 months ago, I was making an excuse.
Excuse 2- I had a baby in January. I had a c-section. I was pre-eclamptic causing me to gain an extra 20 lbs of water weight on top of the 30 I had gained from the pregnancy itself. All those things must make it more difficult to lose weight, right? Excuses!!! Things I told myself to make myself feel better. Like Leanne says, we are the biggest deceivers to ourselves.
Excuse 3- I have a slow metabolism. Excuse! Eat well and eat often to boost that metabolism!
Excuse 4- I can’t afford diet food/health food. Do I want to pay a little extra for healthy foods now or massive doctor bills later?
Excuse 5- I plan on having more babies so why lose the weight if I am just going to gain it back? Ack! I can’t believe at one point I really thought this. But I did. Lose that weight to be healthy for those babies!!
We need to stop deceiving ourselves and realize “that paying attention to your fuel and movement isn’t just so that you can wear a smaller size, but it is critical for doing more of the work that God had called us to do. It isn’t just vanity, but it is a whole new life that God wanted to reveal to us.” When we realize that, our attitude changes immensely and we are no longer deceivers to ourselves.
You must accept yourself first as you are today before you can work on your body clutter.

There is alot of pain associated with honesty, but there is also tremendous freedom that comes the moment the lights go on.

Ahh. Freedom. I feel that now, but that is because I am FLYing-finally loving my(your)self .
It is painful to say that I had such a bad attitude about my weight that I was deceiving myself into believing I was not beautiful; deceiving myself into believing I could never change; deceiving myself into believing that my outward appearance is what mattered more than anything.
BUT! Once I accepted myself as I was, I finally saw the light. I saw that I am beautiful. I can change. And my outward appearance is NOT what matters most. It is ultimately my walk with Christ. If I am not FLYing, I am more “stumbling” than walking with Christ and I don’t want to be stumbling!

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