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Weighing in With Him

Fear. Anxiousness. Hesitation.

Those are all things I felt today as I was about to do my weigh in. Well, that’s typical. I almost always feel like that before I step on the scale. But today was different.
I have peroneal tendonitis 🙁

FYI, I wear a size 7 even though my foot looks like it belongs to a giant amazon woman. You might not be able to tell, but my usually-prominent-ankle bone is no longer prominent. I have a cankle. Lovely. This is what I spent my last week doing (mostly): frozen veggie ice pack, heat, stretch and elevation.

It was week 2 of rest and I finally decided to go see a doctor. I got tired of limping around and watching my cankle slowly grow outwards. Not to mention tendonitis HURTS! Went to see my friend/doctor and he confirmed it was tendonitis (which is what I thought it was after some research-as a nurse, you always tend to self diagnose!). I ended up with a steroid shot IN the ankle (OUCH!) and instructions to continue rest for 1 week (1 week will be this weekend), and to keep an ace wrap on tight to help decrease inflammation.
Despite my inability to run, the Hubby continues on without me! About to hit Start on the C25K app! Cali was built for running so she loves 5k training!
So here it is!
Last weeks weight: 141.8
Todays weight: 140.2
loss: 1.6 lbs
Hubbys last week weight: 263
Todays weight: 261.2
loss: 1.8
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have finally hit a 50 lb loss since the birth of my son! And my husband is just nearly to a total of 20 lb loss! I am so glad we are in on this together!!! It’s so encouraging !!

NSV (non scale victories) for last week!
  • I have to say my attitude about my weight has been dramatically changing in the past few weeks. I am really focusing on calling on the Lord anytime I get down about my weight and praying He will help me maintain a positive attitude. So far, so good! When my ankle began to hurt, I thought to myself, “please don’t get a running injury. You have some BIG plans for August which includes losing 6-8 lbs this month!” Then week 2 of August comes around and the whole ankle fiasco starts. There was a brief moment that I became discouraged, espeically when I decided to take a week of rest and then especially when the tendonitis was confirmed. I thought to myself, “how will I ever lose that 6-8 lbs?” Well, I hopped right into prayer and asked the Lord to help me stay positive and help me to rest (I am not good at sitting still!). The Lord answers prayers because I already reached a 6 lb loss for the month (146 at the beginning of August! 6 lbs so far!) THANK YOU LORD!
  • After much research about the importance of water in weight loss, I made a commitment to drink my required H20 (72 oz) each day. I was successful 5 out of the 7 days! I track it on the Waterlogged app. 🙂
  • Hubby and I also downloaded the Myfitnesspal app. I love that my iphone 4 can scan the barcodes and input whatever I am eating right into the calorie tracker! So easy!!
Goals for this week
  • Hubby and I have decided to have a waterlogged competition. Each day you drink your required H20, you get a point and whoever has the most points at the end of the week, Wins! We haven’t decided on a prize yet, but I am thinking it should be a really great back massage!
  • Stay just slightly under my calorie goal and track everyday on myfitnesspal.
  • Incorporate 1-2 light snacks into my day. I want to eat 4-5 times a day to increase metabolism. I have myfitnesspal set up to remind me!
  • Because of my ankle, I cannot do intense cardio or much that involves lots of leg movement. So I am going to do ab work outs at least 4 times this week and arms at least 3 times this week.
  • Blog 3-4 times. I have some Bodyclutter chapters that need to be posted!! I am also in the process of researching how to improve my blog and add a recipes link of recipes I am currently trying !
  • Lastly, I really hope to reach 100 likes this week! I have decided I will do 100 push ups (over a week!) when I hit that big milestone!

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