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Body Clutter: Chapter 5: Forgiveness

“A grudge is just a bitter pill we take that destroys our soul and doesn’t even hurt the person who we are not forgiving. When are we going to learn that the cure for this bitter disease is that we must first forgive ourselves for our past and quit punishing ourselves for every little mistake?” -FlyLady

I was 125 lbs when I got married. Within the first 3 years of marriage, I had gained 20 lbs. How did that happen!? I have forgiven myself for letting that happen, rather than dwelling on it. I have dwelt on it in the past and that wasn’t a pleasant place to be. You must forgive yourself, accept that what happened happened and use your past as fuel to be better. Consider it a stepping stone. I have learned that no matter how hard you are on yourself doesn’t change the fact that there is accumulated body clutter. Today, you forgive and step forward! And begin your journey to declutter!
“The power to forgive and accept forgiveness is the key to releasing one’s internal bondage.”

“We lock ourselves into prisons of self-doubt, self-hatred and loathing. We blame ourselves for a myriad of circumstances in our lives, with alot of them being stuff that was beyond our control…That we consequently made poor decisions shouldn’t be off the forgiveness radar screen. It is when we understand the power to forgive and accept forgiveness (yes, even when it’s from ourselves) that we can be released in ways we never imagined or dreamed of.” -Leanne

Those two quotes right there are by far my favorite quotes so far. If you have ventured into past blogposts, you will have found Emo-Stephanie. Emo-Stephanie busts out when I am not willing to forgive myself. That poor attitude towards myself leads to that prison Leanne talks about and it’s somewhere I do not want to be! Since forgiving myself and moving on, I cannot begin to express how much happier I feel!

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