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Weighing in with Him…and a demon possessed scale

Bet that title got your attention!! Ok, so yesterday I weighed in with Him and… then discovered that I may possibly be weighing in with a demon instead. You see, I am pretty sure my scale is possessed.

I stepped on to the scale praying the scale would go down but I had a feeling it would go up because its “that time of the month.” I know, I know…TMI! But some women tend to gain anywhere from 1-5 lbs during that time…and I am one of those women 🙁 Talk about bloat. Bleh.
Anyway, I step on the scale and it says 144. Yep, just what I expected. Not to worried about it knowing next week will probably be better. But I step off and zero it out, and step back on. I always do it twice to make sure I get the same “poundages.” I am not kidding you, but in about 15 seconds, I lost nearly 4 lbs. This time the scale says 140.6 (which would be a gain of 0.4 from last week) which to me is basically maintaining. Say what???
If only I could lose 4 lbs every 15 seconds, I would reach my target weight in exactly 75 seconds!!!!!
So I get out an ancient scale that Moses himself probably used (ya, its THAT old) and step on it. 146 lbs! Oh my gosh, that took about 30 seconds so I gained 6 lbs in 30 seconds! Step back on my main scale and I am 140.6 again. I step on and off, on and off, on and off several times and I kept getting 140.6. So certainly thats what I weigh, right? Well, that’s what I am going with, but I still hold to the idea that my scale is possessed.
Last week’s weight: 140.2
This weeks weight: 140.6(ya, I am going with that one)
Measurements that actually changed:
Chest: 39 1/2 ” – down 1/2 inch
hips : 39 ” – down an inch!
Hubbys weight last week: 261.2
This weeks weight: 260
Non-scale Victories
  • I completed the hydration challenge with my husband and I have earned a 20 minute back massage. He earned one too so this week we both get 20 min back massages! I drank 72 oz every day and he drank 130 oz each day!
  • I have been asked by our Mops group (mothers of preschoolers) to speak about Healthy Living at the November Mops meeting!! I am so looking forward to this because I get to share my story, share recipes/whats worked for me on my journey to fit and I plan to talk about body image, and “loving yourself” because every woman is a beautiful creation! And how we can live healthy for HIM ! I am also presenting some “crafty,cutesy and inexpensive gift ideas” that day too! I get to share about both my passions: Living healthy for HIM and crafts!!!
  • My ankle is healing well so I am slowly being able to add in my workouts
This weeks goals
  • Walk 4 miles each on Monday (check!), Wednesday and Friday wearing ankle weights and pushing Little E in stroller
  • Continue hydration challenge with Hubby
  • Track calories on myfitnesspal and stay slightly under calorie goal
  • Participate in the 30/40/50 Challenge on the page of Eclipsed: Escaping the Shadow of Obesity
  • Complete my 100 push ups for the 100 likes (I am 60 push ups into it!)
  • Research ways to improve my blog
  • Blog 3-4 times this week
  • Try 2 new recipes
  • Go to Farmers Market! (For the first time ever, I am so excited!)
  • Organize my thoughts: One of my favoritest hobbies is being creative and making something out of nothing, turning junk or trash into treasures! Using everyday things (like baby jars) and turning them into something useful and cute and decorative! I would LOVE to start a blog on my creative creations but its a work in progress. Right now its just in the planning phase. I love everything crafty from scrapbooking to jewelry to creating random creations. I would eventually like to combine all of these things into a fun website. Like I said, all in the beginning planning phases.
So to conclude, I am going to give my scale one last chance and if it acts as crazy as it did yesterday, I will be calling in a priest for an exorcism. What kind of scale do you use? I may need a new one that tends to be more accurate. Let me know what you use!

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