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Body Clutter: Chapter 6: Babysteps

While we all want instant gratification, we must be patient with ourselves. Just as a baby learns to walk little by little, step by step, we apply this principle of gradual change to our Body Clutter -FlyLady

My little E is now 8 months old. Over the past 8 months, I have watched him grow and learn. Everyday he learns something new and it just amazes me. What if he was to grow instantly into a young man? What if I didn’t get to watch him make these gradual changes? I want to enjoy his journey and see him grow. His journey is what makes him who he is. I want him to take babysteps. I expect him to take babysteps. I should expect the same thing for myself.
So often, when we decide it is time to shed some clutter, we want it to happen not now, right now. It is just human to want instant gratification. We set huge goals and want them to be met quickly and when that doesn’t happen, we tell ourselves we have failed.
We have set the bar so high that we can’t ever meet our own expectations, and once again we fail. -FlyLady

We do this to ourselves over and over until we finally realize that babysteps is what is going to bring us success. We may have a huge “ultimate goal.” For me, I want to lose a total of 70 lbs since the birth of my son. Rather than see that huge number, I have been focusing on 6-8 lbs a month. I feel so much more successful when I meet this small goals, and I know I will eventually reach that ultimate goal. I believe deadlines are great. In fact, I plan to lose my last 15 lbs by December. I would really love to lose those 15 lbs NOW but that’s not realistic. I must lower that bar, make small goals, and that will lead me to my final goal. I have to admit, I struggled with this concept. I fell into the pit of “negative body image” because I wanted my body back after pregnancy “immediately.” But now, I have come to realize that God didn’t want that for me. He wants me to have to work towards that goal. He wants me to take babysteps. He wants to teach me patience. He wants me to know that He loves me regardless of my size. He wants to me to FLY (Finally love your(my)self). He wants me to trust in Him in all things. All these things he is teaching me through my weight loss journey. And I am thankful for this journey I am on.
Is there a babystep you can take to change your eating habits? Maybe its replacing one unhealthy snack a day with a piece of fruit. Maybe its dropping your daily soda to an every-other-day soda. Maybe its portion control. Maybe its tracking your calories (check out myfitnesspal app-its great!). Maybe its actually eating a snack to increase your metabolism.
Is there a babystep you can take to change your attitude? Maybe its finally deciding what motivates you and utilizing whatever that is (for me, its my blog!) Maybe its reading a certain book that changes your perspective. Maybe its telling yourself an affirmation everyday!
Is there a babystep you can take to change your exercise habits? Maybe its taking a short walk a few times a week with your family or dog. Maybe its wrestling with your children or playing outdoors. Maybe its going on a run or a bike ride twice a week. Maybe its hitting the gym with a friend. Maybe its having an accountability partner to babystep with you!
If each new week, we incorporate one new babystep into our lives, the journey won’t look so scary or so daunting. Babysteps will set you up for success. You will find with each new babystep, you will begin to feel more confident. And with confidence, you can FLY (finally love yourself) and shed some body clutter!
So….what babysteps are you going to take?

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