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Trusting your Savior with a Troubled Heart"

Weighing in with Him

Oh man. My stress factor is high today! I would like to just scream at the top of my lungs but the baby is sleeping (finally!) so I better refrain from that.
Do you ever feel like your bopping along, happy as a songbird and then everything (even little things) starts to be overwhelming? That’s kind of where I am right now!

The 2 main things (that aren’t so much little things!) heavy on my heart right now are:
1) my mom – Here blood counts (hematrcrit and hemoglobin and iron) are 1/2 of what a normal healthy person should have. She is close to needing a blood transfusion. And we don’t know why. She will be having tests this week or next. She has had a history of an ulcer so I am praying its just a recurrent ulcer because that is a relatively easy fix. But being a nurse, I tend to think of the worst case scenerio (cuz I have seen the worst scenarios in the hospitals) and my mind starts racing about what could be going on. Then my mind wanders off thinking “what if it is bad? what would I do without my mom, my best friend?” Oh gosh, it just makes me sick. My husband tells me I could write the “final destination” movies because I always can come up with worst case scenario…why I do that? I have no clue. Can’t help what races thru your mind sometimes. The what ifs? I LOVE being a nurse, but sometimes ignorance is bliss and as a nurse, I don’t get that option sometimes! I am using this situation to help me rely on the Lord, pray when my mind starts racing and just TRUST in Him. If you have a second, would you please say a quick prayer for my mom?
2) Little E is teething. And making me loco. He is usually a VERY happy baby with a pretty predictable schedule. Not lately. It is difficult to get him to nap. If I set him down to play, he cries. If I hold him, he wants down. As soon as he’s down, he wants held. Its a vicious cycle. There are periods where he will non-stop fuss. I feel so bad for him. He is snotty as all get out and had a few blow out diapers. Does he have a cold or does that go with teething? I’ve heard both. He doesn’t have a fever; his lungs are clear. I just don’t feel like I can do anything for him. Tylenol, teethers, cuddling, loving on him. I am trying everything, but I feel like I can’t do anything to make him feel better and it breaks my heart. Teething is exhausting for us right now!
Alright, let’s move on to Weighing In.

Last weeks weight: 140.6
This weeks weight: 140.6 (well, at least I didn’t gain)
I didn’t lose any poundages. However, I did my measurements and my long distance walking is paying off!
Chest- 39″ – down 1/2 inch from last week! Maybe thats those 30 push ups a day at work!
both arms- 11 1/4″ – no change

Waist- 37″ no change
hips- 37 1/2″ – down an 1 1/2 inches from last week! I could totally tell because all my pants were falling off this past week!
Right thigh- 19″ – down 1/4 inch!
left thing- 19″ – down 1 1/4 inches! Those long walks and ankle weights are really working. My leg muscles are becoming more defined as well!
The hubby forgot to weigh himself yesterday so we will find out what he weighs next week.
Non Scale Victories
  • Both hubby and I completed the hydration challenge again which means we both have earned another 20 min back massage!
  • I went to the Farmers Market (for the first time!) and came back with about 6 cucumbers, 6 ears of corn and a bag of onions for $6 bucks total. I am so going to go to the farmers market on a weekly basis!

  • On Monday, I walked 4.5 miles; Wednesday- 5.5 miles, Friday-5.33 miles. All walked with ankle weights, a stroller with an 18 lb baby, and two 60 lb dogs!
Check out my walking buddies and the pretty (pretty dry!) landscape!

  • I tracked on MFP and stayed under my calorie goal all week.
  • I have been faithfully been participating in the 30/40/50 challenge
  • I completed my 100 push ups for 100 likes!
  • I got called “skinny” twice at church on Sunday!! Friends at church are telling me they can tell that I am losing weight. My goal isn’t to be SKINNY, but the fact that people can see a difference makes me SOOO happy!
My fail for the week was that I only blogged once 🙁 Sorry about that. It was a very busy week and this one will be equally busy!!! But I promise to be better about blogging!
So what do you use to cope with stressful times in your life? Are you a worrier? I know I am not the only one who has the “what ifs” running through thier head. How do you cope when there is something of the “unknown” (like my mom’s mystery blood levels)? Help a sister out! And if you have a moment, a little prayer would be so appreciated!!!

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