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Weighing in with Him: /happy dance!

I realize that I weighed on Monday and I am just now blogging on Wednesday. I hope you still love me. It’s just been a busy week! And we are only 1/2 way through it!

Update on my mom- She is having tests done on the 19th so hopefully we will know something around that time. Praying, praying, praying they will figure out whats going on and that it is something that can be easily reversed.
Update on Little E- Although he still has his cranky moments, I think we are over the worst of it…until another pearly white bears its pointy little head.
Alright, lets get on with it, shall we?
Last weeks weight- 140.6
This weeks weight- 138.6 (WHOOHOOOO! )
Insert happy dance here.
Current Measurements:
Left arm- 11″ – down 1/4″
right arm- 11 1/4″ -no change
Chest- 38 1/2″ – down 1/2″!!!
Waist – 36 3/4″ – down 1/4″! Every little bit counts!
Hips- 37″ – 1/2″ inch GONE!
Right thigh- upper – 21 1/2″ (new measurements–decided to do both parts of my thighs)
Right thigh- lower- 19″ no change
Left thigh- upper- 22″
Left thigh- lower- 18 3/4″ – down 1/4″
Get this. Since April of this year, I have lost a total of 18.25 inches!!! And yes, I am most definitely bragging!
Hubbys weight last week- 260 lbs
Hubbys current weight- 260 lbs …. maintained! That’s still a victory!
I hadn’t shared hub’s measurements yet, but I am about to. The original measurements were taken in April. And we finally measured him today. Prepare to be amazed.
Chest- In April- 47.5″
Chest- today- 45″ Total- 2.5″
Right arm- In April- 15″
Right arm- today- 14.5″ Total- 1/2″
Left arm- In April- 14.5″
Left arm- today- 14″ Total- 1/2″
Waist- in April- 50″
Waist- today- 47″ Total- 3″
Hips- In April- 51″
Hips- today- 48″ Total- 3″
Right thigh- in April- 28.5″
Right thing- today- 22 1/4″ Total- 6 1/4″!!!!
Left thigh- in April- 28″
Left thigh- today- 21 1/2″ Total- 6 1/2″!!!!!!!!
For a grand total of 20lbs and 22 1/4″ inches lost in 5 months!
I am so proud of us! /insert another happy dance here!!!
Nonscale victories
  • I stayed hydrated 6 out of 7 days. Although I didn’t win a 20 min back massage, I still see it as a victory because I was fully hydrated more days than not. I had one day where I was just not feeling well and if I drink or ate much, I was nauseaus. 🙁
  • I completed a 12 mile bike ride on dirt roads in preparation of my 21 mile bike ride this weekend!
  • I am continuing strong on my 30/40/50 challenge 🙂
  • Hubby has a few workout buddies now at work and they have started to hit the gym together so soon, the hubs will be sporting some strong muscles!
  • Completely unrelated, but I am really making progress on the planning part of my new crafting blog. I am planning on getting it up and running sometime within the next week or so!
Alright, I am out. I am going to be late to playgroup with Little E! It’s a busy day. One of my girlfriends is coming over for a scrapbooking/playdate for the boys this afternoon and then we got choir tonite! Have a fantastic day!

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