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Body Clutter Wrap Up

Emotional, physical, mental, and even spiritual challenges became, and are still, part and parcel of the process.  I used to dread having to walk through these typs of valleys, but the most important thing I’ve learned is that this journey, while incomplete, is what makes my life so much  more fulfilling and real.  Avoiding the pain of such honesty is what made me feel hollow and purposeless. -Leanne

Emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.  All a part of the PROCESS.  Nothing changes over night as much as we wish it would.  For so long, I didn’t accept the fact that it is a process.  I hated my by body and myself so much that I wanted no part of a process.  I wanted my body fixed this instant.  Even if it had been fixed instantly, would that have made me happy?  No.  Because it is not just about the physical body.  It is emotional- learning to love yourself; it is mental- learning to affirm  yourself daily, and it is spiritual- trusting Him and learning to love His creation.  As I reflect back on this past year, I see how much the process has changed me.  I have learned to love myself.  I don’t shoot myself down with negative self talk.  I am closer to Jesus than I have ever been before.  The process…this journey…it has made my life more fulfilling.  I am a better friend, a better wife, a better mom, and a better person because of that journey.  As much as I hated going through it, I am thankful for it.  It changed my life.

There are times in our lives when we don’t listen to ourselves.  We don’t listen to God, either.  Instead, we listen to the wrong voice- the one that puts us down and tells us we’re nothing unless we’re the “right” size. -Leanne

I listened to that voice far to long.  Satan fills our heads with such awful things and we begin to believe him.  Don’t let him win.  Fight him.  Fight him hard.  If you are going through this, ask Him to help you replace those negative thoughts with ones that bring glory to Him.  It makes a world of a difference.

You are truly worth loving just as you are today.  God had a plan, a purpose and reason for you to be here on this planet and it isn’t so you can fit into smaller jeans. -Leanne

Amen Leanne!  Although getting into a smaller pair of jeans is a fun NSV to shoot for, it shouldn’t consume your life and your being.  God has a purpose for you.  Let Him consume you!

Our wish for you is that the healing starts by getting rid of the hardest clutter of all- the body clutter that is in your head and heart.  When we can fling this out, we can make room for the healing to begin. -Flylady

I realize now that I needed to get rid of the clutter in my head and heart far more than I needed to get rid of the physical clutter.  Once I began to see that my journey was so much more emotional and spiritual than it ever was physical, I was truly able to begin the healing process.  Again, that word PROCESS.  Something that doesn’t happen overnight.  In fact, I am still healing.  I have accepted that it is a process and that in and of itself has been healing.

You have to want peace in order to make simple changes in your life and let the perfectionism go once and for all. -Flylady

Perfectionism is everywhere; see it for what it really is: a standard that is unattainable by anyone and a disease of unhappiness. -Flylady

*Release your perfectionism! We are our own worst enemy when perfectionism is our foundation and not love. -Flylady

Perfectionism defined- a belief that a state of completeness and flawlessness can and should be attained.

*Of all the quotes I have shared in this series from this book, that last quote is by far my favorite.

If perfectionism is our foundation, we will fail and always feel empty.

But if He, the Perfect Love, is our foundation, then the process will be so much more bearable.

Through Him, all things are possible.  Even the process of de-cluttering.

**Thank you for following this series.  If you missed any of this series and would like to get caught up, take a look at the right side of this page under “browse by topic”.  Click on Body Clutter and it will take you to all the post in this series.  This has truly been an amazing book and has changed my life. I am so sad its over!  I strongly encourage you to read it!

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