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{DIY} Doilie Valentine Frame

  Doilie: thread that is crocheted or knitted into an intricate decorative piece; often used to decorate and protect fine wood.

Also great for creating an inexpensive ($4 to be exact!) Valentine decoration.


First, you need an old frame with the glass.  I’m a dum-dum and forgot to put the entire frame in the pic so pretend you see a white wooden frame in this picture.  You also need glue, scrapbook paper, and a doilie.  Pretend you see that too.


Once again, welcome to photo amateur hour.  Cut your scrapbook paper to fit the glass and then glue the paper to the glass.  Then glue your doilie to the paper.   I chose to use stick glue instead of hot glue because I didn’t want to deal with the small threads that hot glue leaves.  The stick glue worked just fine.

FYI- I found this doilie at an antique store for $1 and I love it because it has hearts!  I got the frame at goodwill for $3.

 Put your newly decorated glass into the frame and close the tabs on the back to hold the glass in place.


And finally, add an embellishment!

 Cute, easy, super inexpensive and adorable.

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