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{Share your Life} Toddler Valentine’s Cards with Toilet Paper Roll

Valentine’s Day is 2 days away and what a perfect reason to bust out a toddler craft!!!

I saw this on pinterest (but fogot to pin it…doh!)  Lucky for me, I have a photographic memory.  Ok, I wish I did. But alas, I don’t.  For some reason this craft stuck with me.  Probably because I started stashing toilet paper rolls…

Toilet paper rolls, eh?  Are you a little bit curious?  Who knew toilet paper rolls could be used as a stamp?!

Well, let me demonstrate for you.  And beware, I’m not a professional photographer, so welcome to the photo amateur hour!



First, you need some painting materials, some cardstock folded to make a card, and toilet paper rolls creased to shape a heart.


Next you need a cheesy grinned child.


Next, paint the end of one of your heart shaped toilet paper rolls.  If your child is 2, I recommend doing it for your child.  I speak from experience…ahem.  Then help your child stamp the tp roll onto the paper.  I helped him with the ones we are actually sending out, but for this photo I gave him free reign…which was a mistake by the way.  Let’s just say there was a bath involved after this experience.


For the cards we are actually sending out, we did 3 hearts side by side.  I would put the painted side of the tp roll on to the paper and then have E actually push down so he was doing the stamp.  For our envelopes, I painted a heart to put the send address in.  If you have a toddler you are doing this with, prepare to hear the following phrase approximately 1,904,546 times, “Heart! Paint Heart! Heart paint! Heart!!!” It is also important to explain to your child that the paint needs to dry.  Your child may then climb on the table and try to blow on the paint, in hopes that it will dry oh so much faster.


I then cut out a few hearts and had E glue them on the inside of the card.


And of course, you got to have your kiddo sign it.


And Mommy added the final touches.  We are sending these out to E’s grandparents and great-grandparents today. 🙂

Do you and your kiddos make Valentine’s cards to send out to loved ones?  Or have any Valentine’s craft ideas you’d like to share?

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  1. The grandparents would love to receive these from my girls…if only I could get my act together! I am ashamed to say that I have yet to get our holiday cards out. I bought them, they look fantastic – yet…. So, now I’m trying to figure out how I can spin them into a Spring time note to family and friends…. 🙂
    Nicole @MTDLBlog recently posted…Rolling with It #ShareYourLifeMy Profile

    • These are fun because they don’t have to be for Valentine’s day! They can just be a simple “I love you” note to the grandparents!!! I’m sure those grandparents will be happy to get those holiday cards, no matter when they arrive in their mailbox 😉

  2. Okay, first of all… Your little guy is just TOO cute for words!

    I must admit, I’ve always been so scared to try this pinterest craft. But you make it look SO easy and the cards are so cute! I may attempt it… outside… with a hose nearby… as trying this out with 2 toddlers and a kindergartener does not sound easy. LOL! But we are having a little Valentine’s Day play date/party with a few friends on Friday, so maybe we’ll try this then.

    BTW, your amateur photography is much better than mine. 😉
    Angie recently posted…DIY Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas – And A Blog Hop!My Profile

    • lol thanks! I think he’s pretty darn cute myself 😉 This craft was super easy! But it does require some parental supervision for toddlers lol. I’m surprised I didn’t end up with paint on my walls as he excitedly stamped his paper! It would be super fun for your playdate! Another fun idea that might be good (and less messy) is to draw a heart and then cut out scraps of paper (or tear them) and let your kids glue the scraps to the inside of the heart. Actually..hmm…I think we are going to do this to make a Vday card for daddy! I’ll just add that to my never ending to do list …. 😉

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