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"Even the Sparrow Knows:
Trusting your Savior with a Troubled Heart"

Even the Sparrow Knows: Trusting your Savior with a Troubled Heart Free Devotional

Even the Sparrow Knows: Free Devo

What do you do when your heart is troubled? What do you do with fear?   Do you doubt your Savior or question where He is when fear strikes your heart?  It’s so easy to fall into that trap, but there is a way to equip yourself to trust Jesus.

When Jesus was tempted by Satan, He responded with “It is written.”

I believe with my whole heart that His example shows us how to respond to fear.

Turn to the scriptures.

The Word of God, through the power of the Holy Spirit, changes lives!  And it can change yours!

Because the Word of God is so powerful, I am so excited to share this scripture based devotional with you!

This 5 day devotional will challenge you to look at your insecurities, your fears and your identity in Christ. With scriptures for each day, you will reflect on what the Bible says about these things that often trouble our hearts.

You will write and pray through the scriptures.   There is also a journaling page for each day as well.  Your journal page is meant for you to worship and dwell on His Word in whatever way fits you.

In Matthew 6:26, even the sparrow knows that the Lord will provide it’s every need. If He will provide for the sparrow, how much more will He provide for you?

I pray this devotional blesses you and deepens your relationship with Christ.  I pray that your troubled heart will rest in God’s grace and love.

Thank you so much for subscribing!  I am honored to have you as a part of this community!

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