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The power of I CAN

The Power of I can

So, lest we start mourning what will be lost, we must celebrate all that’s being gained through this process.  “I can” instead of “I can’t” is a powerful little twist for a girl feeling deprived. -Lysa from Made to Crave

This “process” refers to the way we think about ourselves in a given situation.  Sometimes we may feel deprived because we are on a weight loss journey and can’t have that delicious looking bite of cake because if we do, it will go straight to our hips.  Sometime’s we feel deprived because we long to live the american dream, and we aren’t quite there yet.  Sometime’s we feel deprived because we have asked God so many times for something and it just hasn’t been His timing yet, or His will.

Changing the way we think and believe can move us forward from the feeling of deprivation and mourning what is lost, to the feeling of celebration, in knowing that there is so much to be gained in the process.  Like the process of losing weight and finally seeing results in the mirror after all that hard work, the process of budgeting and finally seeing money being saved, or the process of waiting for God’s perfect timing and knowing His plans are best for you.

At some point in the process, you will start to see results and know it was all worth it.

Changing the way we think is empowering.  Saying “I can!” to yourself can give you that boost of confidence you need to get through the hard times.

So whatever it is you are dealing with, remove that nasty letter T from the word “can’t.”

Turn it into I CAN.  

Download the I can because printable and post it somewhere you will be reminded that YOU CAN because the Almighty is with you and YOU CAN because of Him!

I can because Affirmation Printable

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  1. You are so right! On days when I have pain it is a downward spiral of “I can’t” to the point where I don’t even bother trying. I’ve come to realize that if I just force myself to do a little here, rest, and then do a little there it makes me feel better emotionally not any worse physically. The “I Can” attitude is soooo important.
    Teresa recently posted…Show Some Heart This Valentines DayMy Profile

    • It is soooo very important! It can make such a big difference. I feel like alot of what we encounter in life is a “mind game” and we have to either choose to believe we can accomplish whatever it is before us, or choose the “I can’t” attitude. Sometimes its soooo hard to maintain an I CAN attitude but like I said to Lydia in another reply, “I CAN” are two mighty powerful words when we believe them!

  2. Thanks Stephanie ,I really needed to hear this today. I love your blog,you are really an enouragment and inspiration to me .I am a Mom of two teenage boys,a fulltime Nurse who works twelve hour nightshifts and a Housewife. So there are many times that I do have to tell myself ” I Can”. My biggest challenge is trying to make time for fitness ,when I feel like I just do not have the energy.

    • I’m so glad that this post spoke to you! And thank you for the encouragement 🙂 It makes me so happy to know that others out there find my words helpful! You sound like a very busy momma! It is hard sometimes when we feel overwhelmed to actually say “I can,” but those two words are mighty powerful when we start to believe them. Thanks for stopping by!

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