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{Menu Monday} And a cute little redhead!


It’s Menu Monday around here.  We got our Bountiful Basket on Saturday, and we are super excited about all our produce, especially the little red head.  We are going to make smoothies and popsicles with a bunch of the fruit! YUM!

We are continuing to do Vegan/Vegetarian before Six.  Every now and then, we get leftovers that need to be eaten and end up having a small amount of meat with lunch, but most often, it is vegan or vegetarian for breakfast and lunch.  I have not lost any weight (but I haven’t gained!).  Dr. Smartypants, on the other hand, has lost nearly 10 lbs.  Way to go, hubby!



Breakfast- Vegan Apple Cake

Lunch- leftovers

Dinner-  White Cheddar and Spinach Chicken Burgers


Breakfast-  Vegan Apple Cake

Lunch- Black Bean and Sweet Corn Quinoa

Dinner- Veggie Spaghetti (made with homemade tomato sauce!)


Breakfast- Cowboy Cake

Lunch-  Cheesy Quinoa Mac and Cheese

Dinner-  Paleo Chicken tenders and homemade fries


Breakfast-Cowboy Cake

Lunch-  Creamy Tomato Pasta

Dinner-  Crockpot Creamy Ranch Chicken


Breakfast- Yogurt and granola

Lunch- leftovers

Dinner-  Deer steak, salad and baked potato

What’s on your menu this week?

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    • It is pretty awesome! I had never heard of it until my Uncle told me about it. He’s lost over 40 lbs since he started eating this way! It’s a very healthy way to eat and you get to eat meat in the evening so you don’t feel deprived of anything. And there are some very tasty vegan/vegetarian recipes out there!

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