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Menu Monday- June 2

Hello sweet friends! It’s been awhile!  I enjoyed my much needed blogging break.  I spent alot of time with family and friends.  It was awesome!  While I was on my little blogging break, I did do quite a bit of writing and reflecting, planning and brainstorming.  I also began a christian blogging e-retreat.  I feel so refreshed!  If you are a blogger, I really suggest taking a few weeks away sometime.  It has helped me refocus!  It was much needed!

I am now 14 weeks pregnant.  However, baby hasn’t gotten the memo that we are in the second trimester! I am still feeling sick alot.  I am hoping and praying that baby gets the memo soon.  I am really ready to feel better!  I have way to much to do to be feeling nauseous!

Speaking of nauseous, are any of you lovely readers pregnant?  I am thinking about putting together a facebook group where we can encourage each other to have a Fit Pregnancy!  It would be an accountability group for us preggos to stay fit while growing a human.  If you are interested, leave a comment!

On to the menu for the week!  Have a blessed day!



Monday- Meatloaf, baked beans and potato salad

Tuesday- Skinny Slowcooker White Bean Chicken Chili

Wednesday- Crockpot Enchiladas

Thursday- Crockpot Creamy Italian Chicken

Friday- Taco Bake

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