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{Monday Runday} I’m an addict.

Wow, did I miss blogging! Long time no see, my friends.  This past month has been very emotional as my dear grandfather went Home to be with Jesus this past Saturday.  We grieve over the loss of a sweet husband, friend, father, grandfather, and great grandfather.  But we also celebrate that he is with our Savior! I will be writing a little tribute to him later this week and share with you about his amazing departure.  I have never witnessed such a beautiful departure from this world. It was truly an amazing experience for my entire family.  Look for that later this week 🙂
For now, it is Monday Runday!!
I didn’t run at all the week before as my family and I were practically living at the hospital.  I did, however, find myself craving running.  Whoa.  When did I become that person that loves running so much that I actually crave it?  I never ever ever thought I would feel that way about running, but this past week, I was seriously jonesing for a run!  Like an addict.  
Hi, my name is Stephanie.  And I am a running addict.
The hubby got into town on Monday.  We had not seen each other for 7 weeks! *gasp*  With an 18 month old, let me tell you…that was not easy.  My parents were a huge help (props go out to my dad for doing a ton of babysitting while I was at the hospital! Love you dad!)  The original plan was for me to do the Color Run June 30th and go back to Texas mid-July.  Plans changed when my Grandpa became ill.  I wanted to be in town to be close to him and my grandma, and to help my family in any way I could.
This past week, I ran my planned schedule of 3 days! Go me! On Tuesday, the hubby and I ran 3.4 miles over by Grandma’s house, which has ALOT of hills.  Whew! On Thursday, the hubs and I ran a 5k at Castlewood.  He enjoyed it, but it took him back to our mountain biking days.  He was really longing for a mountain bike that evening.  And I must say I really enjoyed running with him!  
Honey, that’t a hint…you should start running with me all the time!
On Saturday, I took my new shoes out for their first run, complete with my super bright pink compression leggings 🙂  Hubby did not want to go with me.  Something about 5 miles being to long blah blah blah 😉

Wildwood trail along Hwy 100

My trail dead ended at this little pond.

I actually like hills now.  What’s wrong with me!?

After my 5 mile run, I went out to St Charles for the Festival of the Little Hills, where I walked another 4 miles.  I clocked 11.5 miles of running and 4 miles of walking this past week.   Let’s just say my leg muscles have seen better days!

Are you a runner?  Do you consider hills your friend or your enemy? 
Tell us about it in the comments!

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  1. Sorry about your grandfather. When I lost my parents, someone told me that more than mourning their lost, be thankful that they lived. May God's peace continue to comfort your family.

    I'm inspired by your runs. I'm training for a half marathon in Nov, and I haven't done more than a 5K. lol I'm your newest follower.

  2. Sorry to hear about your grandfather. We also lost our uncle just this Sunday. =(

    On a lighter note… enjoy running!! Yes, you are addicted!!

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