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"Even the Sparrow Knows:
Trusting your Savior with a Troubled Heart"

The Day Al Qaeda Attacked my Family

This is my me and my little cousin Brittany.  She is beautiful, talented and compassionate.  She was maid of honor at my wedding and she is like a little sister to me.  She often calls me her life coach, but she is my inspiration! On January 15,  I felt fear like I have never felt before.  I feared that Al Qaeda had taken her from us. Let’s back up a little... In 2013, Brittany … [Read more...] about The Day Al Qaeda Attacked my Family

10 Christ Centered Easter Traditions

How do you celebrate Easter?  What traditions are passed down in your family? Growing up, we always decorated Easter eggs.  To this day, despite the 1000 miles between us, my parents still do Easter eggs with my little family!   Family traditions are so much fun, and I love carrying on the traditions of my childhood with my children.  It means so much to me to share a little bit of my … [Read more...] about 10 Christ Centered Easter Traditions

The 2 Most Important Things to Remember about Discernment

  The choices we make today have a lasting impact on our life.  This is something I am trying to make my young children understand.  Right now, the choice is to obey or not obey mommy and daddy.  When we don’t obey, there is a consequence.  We must teach our children this now while they are young, that our choices always have an outcome, whether it be good or bad.  Sooner than we can imagine, … [Read more...] about The 2 Most Important Things to Remember about Discernment

Well Planned Day Homeschool Planner GIVEAWAY

It's no secret that I have OPD: Obsessive Planner Disorder... My friend Emma, who is a homeschooling momma of teens, has been my go-to gal for homeschool guidance.  She has such an amazing heart for education, her children and the Lord.  I just love her!!! She showed me the planner that she uses for organizing her homeschool, and because I have OPD, I knew I had to have one!!!  Best purchase … [Read more...] about Well Planned Day Homeschool Planner GIVEAWAY


“I’m tired. I’m distracted. I’m disappointed in myself. I feel slightly used and more than slightly used up. I’m a little overwhelmed and a lot worn down.” –Lysa TerKeurst Oh, my best friend and I have had this conversation more times than I can count!!  Have you been in a season where you felt that way? You felt overwhelmed and like life was out of control. Life feels chaotic sometimes. We’ve … [Read more...] about Overwhelmed