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Weighing in with Him

Do you ever pray before you step on the scale? Oh I do. I pray for the numbers to go down. Then I pray that God will help me have a positive attitude if the scale’s numbers do not please me.
You should only weigh yourself once a week on the same scale at the same time of day. It’s what I have been told and it’s what I tell my friends. Then why do I weigh myself daily? I am certainly not practicing what I preach…until now. I have made a commitment to only step on the scale once a week (I promise!) on Monday mornings which will be followed by the “Weighing in with Him” post. It is going to be so hard because I am tempted to step on that scale every time I go into our master bathroom and all it does is discourage me when I weigh that morning and by that evening I gained 2 lbs. Fluctuations are normal, but I still feel defeated each time I step on it and see it go up. I am going to put that scale in my closet so I don’t see it and have the temptation to weigh frequently. A new habit is happening here, people!
So yesterdays weigh in!
Current weight: 141.8
last weeks weight: 144
loss: 2.2 lbs (Sweet victory!!!)
Measurements: (the last time I measured was like 2 months ago-I plan to measure with each weekly weigh in)
Chest: 40″ (down 1″!)
Right arm: 11 1/4″ (down 1/2″)
left arm: 11 1/4″ (also down 1/2″)
waist: 37″ (no change)
Hips: 40″ (down 1/2″)
left thigh: 20 1/4″ (down 1 1/4″!!)
right thigh: 19 1/4″ (down 2 1/4″) Whats up with that? My thighs are different…glad no one can notice LOL. Running is paying off on those thighs!
The Hubby
Current weight: 263
last weeks weight: 270 (He had some how gained 7 lbs back but in the past week lost it all again) We were visiting my family in St Louis during that gain, but he still ate well, portioned and ran. Not sure where those 7 lbs came from but they are gone ! We will do his measurements next week 🙂

I am rather impressed with my weight loss from the past week because I was only able to run once. It was not a good workout week either, between traveling and working. However, I did start drinking 72 oz of water a day (my required daily h20). Why? Because I recently learned that when you do not drink enough water, your liver has to help your kidneys filter your blood, taking away from the time the liver could be metabolizing fat. That’s why its so important to drink water to improve weight loss! And hey, it worked!
So there you have it. The weekly weigh in…hope I can post happy results next Monday!

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