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Weighing in with Him: the WHOOHOO version!

That pretty much sums up how I am feeling right now 😉 Let me show you why!

As you know, I have been doing my “mega walks” 2-3 times a week with Little E. Well, he goes to Mothers Day Out on Thursdays so hubby and I broke out the bikes 2 weeks ago. Here we are out on our bikes for the first time in a LONG time! We used to mountain bike several times a week when we lived in Missouri. It felt SOOOOOO good to go riding! My legs were screaming but it was a good scream!

We did about 12 miles on the dirt roads averaging about 10-12 mph.

Last Thursday, I went out biking solo and was pretty sure I was going to die on 3 separate occasions. I biked to church to get my keys from the diaper bag that happened to be with Little E at Mothers Day Out. That was 4 miles. Then I decided to bike an additional 13 miles.

Death Trap #1- I somehow ended up in the “ghetto” of Pville and was definately not in the best of neighborhoods. That was scary! Plainview is a nice town, but don’t go east of the railroad tracks. Its rough over there!
Death Trap #2- I was riding out on the country roads and a rottweiler came snarling at me and I didn’t realize he was chained up at first. I started pedaling super fast. I was convinced I was going to lose a leg before I saw that chain!
Death Trap #3- Picture above. Intense fog. I was sure someone was going to run over me as I was biking on the outer road of the interstate (I was NOT on the interstate lol).
Luckily, I survived.

And look! It rained enough in West Texas that the mud actually stuck to my tire!!
Last Saturday was RACE DAY! Here is hubby with his victory stance =)
And here is me doing my victory pose! 21 miles complete in 2 hours on mountain bikes! We were biking right into strong winds for the first 10 miles so we could only average 10-12 mph at first. Those last 11 miles were AWESOME as we were averaging 16-22 mph!!! ZOOOM!

So now for today’s weigh in!
Last weeks weight: 138.6 lb
Todays weight: 137 lbs!
Total loss from last week: 1.6 lbs!!!!!
Hubbys weight last week: 260 lbs
Hubbys weight today: 258.4
Total loss from last week: 1.6 lbs
Non Scale Victories
  • I biked a total of 38 miles this past week! And it felt awesome!
  • 21 miles of that was on Race Day for Cowboy Days in Plainview Texas and we finished it in 2 hours!
  • Still going strong on the 30/40/50 challenge!
  • I walked a total of 5.24 miles with ankle weights, the dogs and Little E.
  • I tracked on MFP and stayed very close to my calorie goal.
  • Completely unrelated to fitness, but remember my Craft Blog I am working on? Well, I have designed it. Its up and just nearly ready to make its debut. If you are interested in crafting, I will be sharing my new facebook page and craft blog in the near future!
  • I finally tried a new recipe and it turned out fabulous. Check out this tasty recipe for CrockPot Turkey Lasagna! YUM!
And now I shall sign off with one last:

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